BabyKakesInk! – Interview with a WAHM

Our first “Mom-preneur” interview is with a woman who I have come to know as a very strong, passionate, go-getter in this business. She does what it takes to get her product out there and after putting in a lot of hours, invested her money wisely and creatively, she is now on the fast track into boutiques around the US and making strong headway in marketing and advertising.

One of her products was “Seen On”, the Tori & Dean, Inn Love reality show which is in their second season this year. The episode was called “Oh Canada” and you will see nanny to Liam holding her burp cloth that was embroidered just for little Lili!

She has also participated in a number of other celebrity gift baskets with Baby Swags and has taken advantage of some of the marketing and advertising offers that have been presented to her such as the 2007 MTV official luxury lounge – Video Awards event that took place in Las Vegas this past September. I for one am very proud of this woman, fellow mom-preneur on all that she has done thus far and all that she aspires to do in the future!

Catherine – BabyKakesInk! How long have you been a WAHM?
2 1/2 years

What inspired you to be a WAHM? While pregnant with my first daughter I knew I wanted to stay home and raise her myself. I realized more and more that I worked every day very hard and very long hours making someone else a whole lot of money. Why couldn’t I work just as hard building my own business from home and raise my children at the same time on my terms?

What did you do prior to becoming a WAHM? I graduated from college with my degree in elementary education with a minor in business. While finishing school I worked in multifamily real-estate and worked in management for about 7 years. I resigned the day my daughter was born.

How many kids do you have and what are their ages? I have two girls- Emma 5 Avery 3 1/2

How do you juggle your family and work schedules? I have to admit it does get a little overwhelming at times but…my support system from my kids and husband is so amazing that my business is such a big part of our family. The most important part is having your daily method of operation and trying to stay on track. I do work a lot of nights and somehow I always get it all done. I feel that if I keep my priorities in check God first, then Family and intertwine the business…I am always blessed and everything works out.

What have you done thus far to promote your business? My first year I did every show I could get my hands into. I needed to brand my name and products and I figured that creating a buzz and being everywhere…eventually people would remember me. For me…it was important not to create one ounce of debt in doing so. I became VERY creative in self promotion. By the 2nd year I was blessed to team up with an amazing women that shared similar goals and aspirations as myself and jumped on board the “BabySwags” express. Most importantly-I networked…networked…networked, anywhere and everywhere.

What has been your biggest challenge or obstacle? Explosion time for your product or business is amazing. On one hand it is everything you have been praying for, on the other it is finding the quality help to expand as quickly as possible. Time and help while growing is always an issue. There never seems to be enough of it. The challenging part is trying to not be so overwhelmed that you forget your passion and love for what you are doing. Do not lose site of it and remind yourself often.

What are your goals for 2008? As we officially went wholesale with our Fall line- I plan on delegating out a lot of the production that way I can focus on marketing to every upscale boutique from the east to west coast.

What advice do you have for other WAHM’s? Well…it’s kind of similar to Pregnancy. It is painful, overwhelming, tiring, exciting, joyous, and its own miracle in itself. But…when you look at the road where you start and you can see and almost taste the finish line…it makes the journey all worth while. Don’t ever give-up, do not let anyone tell you no and you can not possibly achieve it. Believe in yourself, your talent and your vision.

When you look at your business as a whole, what are you most proud of? When I look at my business- I am amazed that I can truly do something that I am passionate about yet build a legacy for my family. When I asked my then 4 year old daughter what she wanted for Christmas last year…she said I want a sewing machine so I can be just like you Mommy. I am proud that I can be someone that my children look-up to and that I can inspire them to achieve any dream that they might have in their own lives as adults and to truly make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you Catherine for sharing your thoughts on being a “Mom-preneur” and offering inspiration and some insight to what it takes to run your own business as successfully as you have.


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  1. I am inspired by the stories of WAHM’s in the blogosphere – -because that is something I”m planning to do in the future. I am grateful that in the internet age, there are so many ways to start your own business — and so many ways to network with other people who are in the same line of work and expertise. As a WAHM, one of the most important things is to be able to handle your finances well. That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to read up on securing my financial future. A recommended reading to all WAHM’s is “Stop Sitting on Your Assets” by Marian Snow — it really did open my eyes on the real deal in real estate, and how you can use it effectively for wealth building. More info at
    Thanks, and I will be back often to visit.

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