Baby Swags; Expanding to Products for the Entire Family


Gifting is not just for babies any more. Baby Swags is expanding their services to include the entire family

Baby Swags helps promote baby products that are received by new and expecting celebrity moms. They like to see their clients have their own spotlight shining on them. Baby Swags puts VIP, celebrity gift bags, event bags together using only the finest baby products on the market. The products that are accepted are high quality, trendy, hip, and more often, quite unique.

In the beginning, back in September 2006, Baby Swags only accepted products that were either invented, inspired or created by moms, AKA, WAHM’s. Times have changed. Baby Swags has come a long way and it is time now to expand their services to include any and all products that are family friendly while still possessing the same high standards for quality and uniqueness. It may throw people off by using the same name, especially since it has the word, “baby” in it. However, they have built their business on reputation and nothing but word of mouth, and that is our reasoning for keeping their business name the same, and expanding on it. People have come to know Baby Swags and what it represents and they do not want that to change.

Baby Swags provides companies with a way to get their products to celebrities at a cost that is affordable. If any research is done, you will discover that it can be very costly to participate in gifting suites and lounges and while that has it’s benefits, some just cannot afford that price tag. Even though Baby Swags is expanding, they say they will not be raising their inclusion fees at this time. Not to say it won’t ever happen because in all reality, it most likely will. Baby Swags still wants to be able to provide companies the opportunity to get those products to celebrities while maintaining and continuing to build their credibility.

In addition to gifting, they will be starting an advertising group which will offer print advertising at a lower rate to all their clients that will get your ads placed in national magazines and various publications. To participate in this new advertising group, you will need to have a minimum advertising budget of $1000.00 per month. More details on that group will follow soon, so keep checking their blog at

And lastly, if you are a new company and are looking for information on how Baby Swags works and what is involved, the benefits of working with them, the cost, procedures, etc… please be sure to fill out a registration form at Once that form is received, they will email you with all the juicy details.


For more information, or if you would like to interview, Phyllis Pometta, owner of Baby Swags, please feel free to email her at pr at babyswags dot com.


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