Being a work at home mom, it is important to help other work at home moms when they need it, support others by being there to answer questions, offer advice and “Share” tips and do’s and don’ts’ of business.   We will get so much more in return if we just learn to ‘share’ what we have.  There is enough of everything for everyone.  There are enough customers, there are enough babies to utilize the products we make, and there is enough money to go around.  

Sharing, it is something that we have all tried to teach our children.  We teach them to share their toys, share their feelings, share their hearts, and if we are able to teach that to our children, why is it so hard for us as adults to share our knowledge?   I am not saying give away all your secrets, but I am suggesting that if someone asks you a general business question, take a moment and offer your best advice, share what you have learned through your own personal trials and errors.  It will only come back to you full force when you are stuck in a situation that you need assistance with.  Think about it.
This excerpt was taken from Rachel Snyder’s book, 365 Words of Well-Being for Women.
No matter how little you have or how much, share it.  Give your last drops of lavender bath oil to a friend who needs the relaxation more than you do.  Share your gift of song, your smile, your recipe for falafel.  Share your “first time” experiences with a younger woman; share your thirst for understanding with an older woman.  Never stop sharing.  Share a sunny afternoon, a raining morning, a quiet sunrise, your last Sunday before returning to school.  Share your home with someone who doesn’t have one right now.  Share your clothes.  Break your cookie into pieces and share them with everyone at the table.  You are as you share.  If you have a hundred dollars, share twenty-five.  If you have one dollar, share twenty-five cents.  Drop your scarcity mind-set.  Even when you think you have barely enough, you always have something to share.
Your mission for today is to share at least one thing with someone else and take notice as to how you feel afterwards.

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