Zainey and Zoe Product Review & Giveaway!

Dino Tee from Zainey and Zoe

Dino Tee from Zainey and Zoe

We were lucky enough to receive this cute tee for boys from Zainey and Zoe. It is their monogrammed dino-tee. Finding unique boys clothing is very challenging so when we received the “G” dino tee for our son, Garrett, his eyes light up with excitement. I am not sure if it was excitement because he “got mail”, or if it was because he loves the dino shirt itself. Either way, I was happy. He wore it immediately. Showed it off proudly that he had a new shirt. Had to wear it to school to show his friends too. Then when it was time to wash it, that is when I took notice. I wanted to make sure that nothing unraveled or fell apart, or shrunk up to the point that he couldn’t wear it. It washed and dried nicely and he continues to wear it today! In fact, Friday is “D” day at school and you know what starts with the letter “D” don’t you? Dino tee! The monogrammed tee retails for $18.00 and they also make jeans to match! Check out Zainey and Zoe for other great products!

But guess what!!! You can enter to win your own Zainey and Zoe star shaped “dino-tee” seen below just by shooting Baby Swags an email at giveaways at babyswags dot com! Just be sure to include your name and email address in case you win they can properly notify you. Giveaway starts Monday September 29, 2008 and ends October 6, 2008. Only one will win. Retail value of this giveaway is $18.00

Star Dino Tee - Giveaway Tee

Star Dino Tee - Giveaway Tee


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  1. My daughter loves her “firecracker” outfit from Zainey and Zoe, and all my girls’ bows come from there. SO cute! Anytime I need a little girl gift, I know exactly where to go.

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