Tutulegz.com donates for the cause!

During the month of October, Baby Swags will provide you with information on how you can help in the efforts of finding a cure for breast cancer simply by purchasing our clients products. Each client has agreed to donate a portion of their “PINK” design products to help aid in breast cancer research. Our first gracious client, Tutulegz.com

TutuLegz are a fabulous, one-piece, unique, not so puffy comfy tutu with legz topped off with girly designs to add some fun. Pink Ribbon design retails for $39.95

With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month TutuLegz has added the Pink Ribbon to their collection in hopes the message of early detection can never start to soon. Who knew how much fun little girls could have supporting such an important cause, while women across the world are recognizing the impact it can have on our girls in the future. TutuLegz has promised to donate 25% of their October profits from the Pink Ribbon design to the research on breast cancer.

Tutulegz - Pink Ribbon design

Tutulegz - Pink Ribbon design


7 Responses

  1. The tutu legz are so darling in person, and are really well made. Love them! I love they are supporting such a good cause for women. Patty

  2. oh my gosh,
    aren’t THOSE the cutest things EVER!!!!!!!!!! -J

  3. What an absolutely amazing thing to do! Thank you for being PINK and for these too cute tutulegz. Best of luck and I will help spread the word! – JEN M.

  4. We have THREE pairs of TLZ and we actually have the pink ribbon ones.
    Both of my my girls adore them and wear them non-stop. I love these legz. Easy. Cute. Comfy. What more could you ask for?

  5. These are the sweetest and cutest! What little girl would not go nuts over these. Goodness, what mom would not go crazy over these. Love the pink ribbon!

  6. How fun! Beautiful! The stripes! Cute on any girl with anything goin’ on!

  7. I love these and wished I had a girl to wear them!! I think it would be wrong to put a boy in tutulegz, wouldn’t it be??? just kidding….

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