YAY! My Boyfriend said thank you!

Ok, so a girl can dream, can’t she? I actually have two boyfriends, Matthew and Leo, but really Steve isn’t the jealous type, so all is well for him. LMAO!!! Ok, so anyway, back to my exciting news!!! Yes, my boyfriend, Matthew McConaughey sent a thank you note to my client, Little Fit, for the great infant/toddler hats they provided in our gift basket to him! YAY!!! I was so excited for them, when I hung up with Julie, I started to get a bit teary eyed with happiness. There is nothing, and I honestly, truly, mean this when I say it, there is nothing more exciting than to have happiness in your heart for another person. I have said it before and I will say it again, I get so emotionally invested in these companies and products that when something like this happens, I cannot control my happiness and I feel as if I have to shout it to the world, I helped someone and it feels GREAT!!!

You guys come up with the products and I am lucky enough to have a hand in your marketing efforts. Without you all, there would not be a Baby Swags, so keep up with your fantastic creations, follow your dreams and thank you for allowing myself and Baby Swags be a part of your success!

Here are the amazing products, once again, that were sent to my sweetheart, Matthew McConaughey!

Matthew and Levi get gifted by Baby Swags

Matthew and Levi get gifted by Baby Swags


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