I was on the Today Show!

OK, so it was not business related, but still very cool.  It was related to the current situation in our economy today.  The stock market has plummeted to it’s lowest point in years and though it does not apply directly to me (we were never lucky enough to have money to invest, so nothing is tied up in the stock market itself), however looking at the big picture, it applies to our credit, the value of our home, and a slowing economy puts a lot of stress on us as my husband is in the construction field which is being hit hard.

Take a moment and watch this video clip of me sharing our situation (I’m the one wearing green and could have used a different color lipstick, lol):…ok, forget that, they moved the clip on me! LOL, now you will have to wait until I find it again!

You often think back and question, “How did it get this bad?, What did I do wrong?”, quite simple of an answer really, you spent more money than you actually brought in each month.  Credit cards have become the necessary evil.  We love them, use them, charge on them, then can’t figure out where the money will come to pay the off with, leaving us with one or more maxed out credit cards.  We are a “thing” based society.  The “I want it, and I want it now”, society.  That thought process has to change.  It has to change as a whole.

Again, thinking back to “the good ole days”, it was very rare for my parents to have a credit card and when they did, they only used it for things that were needed and only used, if they could afford to pay it off at the end of the month.  If they couldn’t, it wouldn’t get used and they saved, yes, I said it, they saved for it until they could pay for it in full, or with cash.  What an amazing thought, paying cash for things.

I so envy those that have no credit card debt.  What a life that must be like to live.  It is a life that we are hoping to have with in the next couple of years.  Good thing now, we have definitely curbed our spending and will only buy something if it is needed, and the wants are really thought hard on before any purchases are made.  We do not use credit cards, except for gas and that we can’t get away with since my husband drives to China and back daily for his construction jobs and with the soaring gas prices, it is getting harder and harder to keep up with that charge bill.

All in all, this is a huge wake up call to us.  It is saying, “There, look and see what you got us into.”, “Do you want to continue this spending and using credit to cover your butt cause if you do, this is the price you must pay.”

On the upside of all of this, there are ways we as a whole can do to support our fellow American families.  Instead of rushing out to Target (sorry Target, I love you but I have to stay away from your store for unnecessary items) and dropping an easy $100.00 on toys and things that will get shoved into a closet, why not shop and support other work at home moms, by purchasing their products?  You can find adorable jewelry, hand-knit items, picture frames, tee-shirts, books and even toys.  There are many great factors in purchasing from a work at home mom, such as the quality is fantastic, it is a one of a kind, not mass-produced item, they can be personalized, you can find some great deals if you look hard enough and simply ask, as well as you are helping to put food on another family’s table.  I will be adding a special shopping section to our blog so you can see that finding good deals on amazing products are only one click away.  Show your support, it will not go unnoticed.

Baby Swags isn’t always about giving celebrities “free stuff” as some might think, but it is about getting the products out there that these women spent a life’s saving on, or those that have spent countless hours perfecting, or painting, it is to share these amazing products, these amazing companies to everyone that is driven by our celebrities.  This is buzz marketing and our main goal in this whole gifting process it to help work at home moms get the recognition they so, so, deserve and we are achieving just that (thank you so, so, much to those celebrities we see using these products, and taking a moment to say think you, that goes a long, long way for these women). Most of them do accept paypal so it can come directly from your checking account! No charge cards needed! Pay cash! Imagine that!


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  1. You’re amazing Phyllis! Can’t wait to watch your Today Show spot. And a huge thank you for all the support you lend us passionate entrepreneurial moms.

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