Get Ready for School Celebrity Style

Baby Swags sends 20 celebrity families a back to school gift bag containing mompreneur products.

Plainfield, Il β€” The well known celebrity gifting company, Baby Swags has gifted celebrity families with their Back To School gift bags which contained mompreneur products. Getting ready for school is always a stressful time for parents and students. Baby Swags provided gifts to celebrity parents to help with organization, learning with a touch of style and bling.

“We love being able to share what we create with the celebrities that we love.” States Pometta, Founder of Baby Swags. “The best gifts are those received when you least expect them.”

Celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Dakota Fanning, Holly Robinson Peete, Jerry Seinfield, and Trace Adkins were some of the celebrities gifted with the following gifts:

Back to School Celebrity Style

Back to School Celebrity Style

Cedar Valley Publishing – Each family gets to start preparing their children to learn with a set of “Get Ready for Kindergarten” and “Get Ready for First Grade” books.

Hype Strype – Provided their “Weekly Workers”. They are not only fun, they are functional as well. Each pad is 8.5″ by 11.5″ and contains 56 sheets, perfect for a whole years worth of homework, chores or for menu planning and scheduling appointments and activities.

On A Whimsy – Provided each girl and/or mom with their own 16″ personalized bottle cap necklace with a ribbon.

Creative Clips by Colleen – Provided moms and girls with the bling they have been looking for with their hand made hairclips that feature a strip of velcro to prevent the clip from slipping out of baby fine hair.

Other celebrities receiving these gifts include: Jenny McCarthy, Will Smith, the McCaughey Septuplets, Ben Stiller, Tea Leoni, Jon BonJovi, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Christian Slater, Jim Belushi, Patricia Arquette, Dwayne Johnson, Rikki Lake, Sarah Jessica Parker and David Letterman. Please note that the celebrities gifted do not endorse Baby Swags nor it’s clients unless otherwise stated.

About Baby Swags:
All of the products supplied have been created by mom, invented by mom, or is a mom owned boutique. Baby Swags fully supports mompreneurs, their products and services to which they provide to and for the everyday mom. It takes a strong woman to build up their business while maintaining their role as mom, wife, and friend. It is for these strong women than many of our products exist today. Being able to assist their clients in promoting their products affordably is one of the great services that Baby Swags can provide. Phyllis Pometta, Baby Swags founder and mompreneur has become the catalyst to help fellow mompreneurs and provide them with opportunities to bring their products into the public eye. Baby Swags finds the most unique, most wanted and sought after mom and baby products out there. Not only does quality play a factor in her search, but products also have to be affordable.

If you would like more information regarding celebrity baby baskets, or other marketing services, please feel free to contact Baby Swags directly at Baby Swags is making it’s way around the world with receiving hits from Canada, China, United Kingdom and Australia. You can find Baby Swags on the world wide web at


Phyllis Pometta
Baby Swags


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