Gossip Girl’s Kelly talks to Life & Style about her pregnancy

Kelly Rutherford - Gossip Girls

Kelly Rutherford - Gossip Girls

Don’t expect Kelly Rutherford’s pregnancy to become part of the Gossip Girl story line!

Speaking to Life & Style at the launch of Living Spaces, Sylvania’s new line of compact fluorescent light bulbs, Kelly, who plays Lily van der Woodsen on the show, says she told the writers that she was expecting — she’s due in June — but doesn’t expect them to change the script. “With what they’ve written now, it’s so wonderful, I hope they don’t change it, ” she says. “But they could change their minds. I’m hoping I can just walk around holding bowls of fruit — or standing behind counters! My handbags will get a little bit bigger.”

Does Kelly, 40, want to find out the gender of her new baby? “If I can find out about anything,” she says, “I want to know!”

She and husband Daniel Giersch already have a 2-year-old son, Hermés, who’s been told that he has a new brother or sister on the way. “He rubs my tummy and says, ‘Mommy’s tummy!'” says Kelly.




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  1. Wow she looks great for 40!

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