Is customer service important to you? It is to Baby Swags!

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur has put together a list of 60 tips to help entrepreneurs tackle the ever important, yet sometimes challenging, customer service. Baby Swags offered our tip and we came in at number 23! Whether you are the customer service ‘rep’ or the person on the other end, you and I both know that it is extremely important and it is something will make or break your business, or your trust in a company. I am firm believer in excellent, not good, but excellent customer service and I always make sure that at the end of my day, each person I have come in contact with, is left with a feeling of comfort and confidence in me and my business. If I cannot personally help someone with a situation, I will do what ever I can to make sure I find a person who can help. If I can’t find that person, I am upfront and honest with the customer and tell them I have exhausted all my resource but should anything turn up, they will be the first to know. Your customers should be treated like you, yourself would like to be treated, plain and simple. The companies that offer a high level of customer service are the ones that will stand out among the crowd.

To see how your company can stand out and how you too can benefit from these 60 tips, go to The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Blog and look for Baby Swags (number 23 😉 ).



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