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In Support of an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle, Pure and Little Launches Online Organic Baby Boutique Just in Time for the Holidays

Providing pure products for your little one that are natural, safe and eco-friendly

New Jersey (PRWeb) December 1, 2008 – pure and little launches its online organic baby boutique geared towards supporting a “green” lifestyle from birth. Baby’s systems are extremely sensitive and new to the environment. Without a solid immune system, they cannot fend off chemicals used in non-organic products. By making informed decisions and choosing organic products, parents can give their little ones a chance at a pure beginning.

“Just the way nature intended; from the clothes they wear to the bedding they sleep on, even to the toys they play with, I believe little ones should be surrounded with the comfort of fibers pure and soft,” states boutique owner, Kaitlin Spreitzer.

pureandlittle.com thoughtfully selects each product to ensure quality remains natural, safe and eco-friendly. Organic products including apparel and bedding are made from natural fibers such as bamboo, cashmere, cotton, hemp, jute, linen, milk and soy. These organic fibers are durable, comfortable and healthy to both your child and the environment. Organic baby products are made without pesticides and fertilizers, toxic fabric finishes and flame-retardants. Babies can be exposed to toxic chemicals in ordinary personal care products such as lotions, shampoos and diaper creams. pure and little focuses on safety and makes sure all hair and skin care products are made using the finest and most natural ingredients. Organic toys are made without the use of pesticides and contain no toxic dyes and paints that can be damaging to a small child.

pure and little offers consumers a larger selection of healthy products for the fashion conscious, eco-friendly trendsetter. In addition to apparel, pureandlittle.com also carries a variety of stylish and non-toxic bedding and blankets. Bath and body products are safe for delicate baby skin and organic accessories such as bibs and bottles, laundry care; toys, music and books can also be found at this one-stop organic baby boutique.

Parents can create a personal registry that will allow them to list the items that they need or want for their new baby. Making gift giving easier, consumers may choose to have their purchases gift-wrapped, which would include a gift box, ribbon, card and envelope. pureandlittle.com products are wrapped in recycled materials safe for the planet and above all, everything is packaged with love and handled with care from their door to yours.

You can learn more about pure and little by visiting pureandlittle.com. If you would like more information or to schedule an interview with Kaitlin Spreitzer, please call 908-647-5001.

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