Are you a mompreneur?

Baby Swags is working on a very special “mompreneur” project and needs your help. If you are a mompreneur and would like to be a part of this special project set to launch in 2009 then we need to hear from you! I am looking at this time for mompreneurs who have pictures of themselves in action with or with out their family helping. Are you sewing an item with little Jimmy covered in thread, or do you paint canvas’s and little Sarah looks like she was the canvas? Or how about this one, your husband took a very flattering picture of you working late night with your hair all mangled and looking like you could have used another pot of coffee? If you have any of these types of pictures, please forward them to me.

When sending in your picture, please do not edit them. Leave them as is and if you have them in a hi-resolution format, that is even better. Also, when sending them in, this means you are allowing Baby Swags to use them as we see fit, such as for promotional purposes or advertising, or simply because we think they are cute photos and we want to share them with the world. We have set up a special email account for any and all questions and photos to be directed to. When sending in your pictures, please tell us the following:

Your full name (though it will not be shared, it’s just for our own reference)
The city/state in which you live
The name and URL of your business
How long you have been in business
What you make & or create
If there are little helpers in the photo, their first name and age
Would you like to be added to our newsletter group? Yes or No?

This is sort of a top secret project, but I can tell you it is going by the name of “Baby Swags – Project Believe”.

Please direct any and all questions and photos to me at

Thanks for your assistance! Once I have more information to share, I will send out a newsletter email to all those giving me permission to get them added!


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