Baby Swags Gets a Thank You from Miley Cyrus

Ok, ok, yes it’s true! Some time has passed but in this case, it is better late than never, right? Needless to say when I had Alyssa go get the mail she was not in the best of moods, but suddenly after I read the thank you to her, I had suddenly become the “Best Mom in the World”! It is a thrill for me to get this Thank You for her. I told her she wouldn’t get the real copy until she was 18, lol, then I suddenly was not on her favorite list, but she understands that this is my business and the perks of it! Oh, now hang on a second, of course I will let have a copy to hang up in her room, to bring to school and show all her friends, but it will be a very long time that she gets to keep the real one! (If Miley is reading this, send Alyssa her own thank you note, cause I am not sharing this one! LOL) It also stinks that the very nice postal service put their silly little bar thing at the bottom of my post card so it can obstruct the signature! Thanks a bunch! 😛

Miley was the first of our “teens” to receive a gift basket and I am glad that with a little patience it was well received after all!


With all the new companies and tween/teens popping up, be on the look out for more giftings like this in 2009!

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  1. Geeez – thats cool! x

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