Tony Hawk & Ed Sanders send their thanks!

Baby Swags 2nd Annual holiday gift bag was received by twenty celebrity parents, a couple being Tony Hawk and Ed Sanders. Baby Swags and our clients have received special emails of thanks for the products they received. The photo below contains the products that have been received (though they may vary from celebrity to celebrity). For more detailed information on those products, please visit our website at

Holiday 2008 Basket Photo

Here are the emails that were received:

We received a gift bag from Babyswags and we wanted to thank you for all of the darling gifts for Kady. The tutu, the Kadence onesie, the clips and belt and the hairclips are all perfectly suited for our funny lil gal!

Tony just brought the bag home- so we haven’t had a chance to take photos for you, yet, but here is a shot from New Years Eve.

Best of luck to all of you and, again, thank you for your generosity.

The Hawks-
Tony, Lhotse, and Kadence Clover a.k.a. Kady
Riley Spencer and Keegan too- they love to make fun of their girlie sister!

Kady on New Years Eve 2008-2009

And then there is our email from Ed Sander’s wife, Gioia:

Hi Phyllis!
We received the package and we wanted to say wow the stuff you sent is great! Everything is wonderful. If I can find a day when the girls are all dressed up in their new clothes, I will send you a photo. Also, the books you sent Max are great. They really touch on everything. They are nice books to take in the car or out to dinner.
Thank you again, I’ll be in touch soon.

If we get more notes of thanks or images, we will post them!
Phyllis Signature


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