Leave Jessica Simpson Alone

I get so sick and tired of hearing about how skinny celebrities are and the roles their figures take in our young girls lives. For pete’s sake people, get real! These celebrity women are put under a microscope when they gain a pound. What about the men in Hollywood? There are some there that have gained a few and look oh, so not sexy on the beach. There hasn’t been a huge discussion over their expanding waistline. Double standard? I think so. I personally think Jessica looks great and she is happy, so that is all that really matters in this life.


There are so many other pressing issues in our world right now, do we really need to worry about the weight of people in Hollywood? I say good for Jessica! She doesn’t need to explain herself and people need to lay off with the ‘bullying’ her about her weight. We need Hollywood role models to stand up and say, no, I am not a size 2 and I am ok with that.


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  1. Can I 2nd that?!!

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