URGENT #CPSIA Awareness Gifting

Hi Everyone,

This is an urgent request from Baby Swags and it needs everyone’s help to make it work. I am going to be putting together a “CPSIA Awareness Gift Bag” to send to celebrities that I feel would be able to sound off in a big way if they choose to help in our awareness efforts with regards to this new law.

The thing is, timing. It has to be sent to me like yesterday in order for it to be received prior to this law taking effect. Needs to be received NO LATER than Wednesday, Feb 4th!

1. Write a letter explaining your own concerns.
2. Send your letter along with the press release from Baby Swags, and the press release that was written by on of the main activists to all your local media. (email me for the .pdf release)
3. Follow up with a phone call to make sure all materials were received.

There will be a charge for this to off set my costs to get it all together, press releases and shipping, etc…

Please send me a total of FIVE products. Please send the agreement/submission form & the inclusion of $75.00

Please send this information to ANY and ALL companies that have a hand-made product. This can be anything, not necessarily a baby product but anything that will be hurt by this law. Books, clothing, shoes, toys, what ever will be effected is what we need to see.

Now remember this needs to happen faster than you can blink your eye, so foward this on to all those that you know and hopefully it will be large enough to really make a point.

I will be forwarding the press releases to everyone on my media list as well as any celebrity contact I have. Please do the same on your end, send the releases to all your local media and any editors or businesses you have come in contact along the way. Post it on your blog, write about it in your newsletters, just keep talking!!!

If you are a company that has a hand-made product or will be hurt by this law, please join us at www.babyswags.ning.com to learn more!

For press/media contact: 815-342-6739 – Phyllis


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