Leg Huggers -Product Review


Leg Huggers are baby leggings made from 100% sustainable bamboo fibers. You would never have even guessed! When we received the product we were amazed with their softness (and durability)! We received the Popsicle Parade style and it was such full of rich and vibrant colors which also surprised us as they contain no chemicals or pesticides making them a great eco-friendly product as well. As you can see by the photo, my daughter isn’t exactly a baby (she’s 4) but she was still able to put them on and run around to play.

(sorry but for some reason every time I try to load this picture up it goes the wrong way, lol) Gianna was running around, sliding all over our hardwood kitchen floor with our pup and not a floor burn to be found on those cutesy legs of hers!

Leg Huggers are durable, breathable, UV protective, antibacterial, odor resistant, and made from bamboo. They are one size fits all, (even up to 4 years old!), measuring 13 inches long and have 1″ knitted, elastic ribbing on both ends. If your baby girl is one that is on the move, the Leg Huggers accessory is great for protecting those sweet, tender baby legs, whether they are crawling, walking or running. They are fun and stylish little leg accessories that will keep baby’s legs warm during those cold winter days. They retail for $10.00, have many designs to choose from and are available at www.leghuggers.com . Those that place their orders through Baby Swags, please use the code “momleg10” to receive a 10% discount through March 1, 2009.


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