Saurette – Product Review

Gianna wearing Saurette Saurette launching it’s contemporary children’s clothing line just in time for Spring, 2009. The products will appeal to parents who are looking for a modern and uniquely stylish flair to their child’s spring wardrobe. I had the opportunity sneak a peak and review products from Saurette. By now my children all know that when a package comes to the door it is usually for me, for “my work” as we call it. Well this scenario happens occasionally when my youngest daughter wants to open all the packages that she see’s. Usually she will tear the box apart, rip off the tissues and basically destroys the beautiful wrappings that these products come in, just so she can pull the product out, give it a quick glance and toss it to the side. When I had her open the box from Saurette, she followed the same pattern of ‘ripping’ things apart until she pulled out the products with an “ooooo, is this for me?” and “Can I wear it right now?” *keep in mind, I live in Chicago and it’s winter… Without hesitation she rips off her shirt and within a blink of an eye, she is wearing her chosen piece. Now just a little background on her, she is a HUGE tomboy. I can’t get her out of sweats and t-shirts, or pajamas! She tried on 3 shirts and I managed to take a picture of her wearing one while she was trying to get away from me because I was going to take it off of her. Sorry but it is a little blurry as a result. You can also see in her photo that she is wearing baseball jammie bottoms! Yep, that’s my girl! πŸ™‚ From one mom to another, if a product makes your child happy, you just have to love it! She is wearing a cute little white eyelet shirt in the picture but her most loved product was a beautiful blue (it’s like a turquoise blue) linen piece with two embroidered butterflies. It is simply gorgeous and it looks amazing on her and best yet, it is so soft, I wish I had one for me! Now that I am looking at it again, I want to take another picture of her actually wearing this one so you can see the beauty, however, pictures I am sure do not do them justice!

UPDATE: Here is a photo taken with Gianna wearing the beautiful blue linen piece that was mentioned earlier in this post. (ha, she is wearing red sweat pants!)




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