Weekly Opportunity Round Up #1

I am going to start posting weekly opportunity round ups. This is what we are working on and if you would like to participate or gather more information, please feel free to email us or join our ning network at Baby Swags Ning Network. (It’s free to join)

Please email me and let me know if you would like to take part in any of these so I can properly keep an accurate head count.

1. Toddler Gifting – March 30
2. Gifting Green – April 3
3. Teen Gifting – April 7 (deadline may change)
4. Suri Cruise – 3rd b-day – April 13
5. Mothers Day – (forgot to write it down but it is around mid-April)
6. Rockin Lollipop Lounge – Baby & Tween Celebration LA expo – ACT Today! celebrity charity auction
7. Mayor of San Francisco & morning show reporter

If anyone is interested in meeting me while in LA, please let me know your booth number and I will stop by and say hi! My daughter and myself will be making the rounds as she is the first Tween Reporter for the event! We get to interview exhibitors, celebrities, and more…it’s an exciting time for us! I hope we can make you all a part of it in some way!

Those needing tickets to the event, please let me know, I have a lot to share!


Don’t forget- follow me on Twitter!

Have a great, fun-filled weekend! Email me if you need me!


Phyllis Pometta
Find me on Facebook & Myspace by searching for – BabySwags


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