Trista and Ryan: Their Baby’s Dramatic Arrival

Trista and Ryan Sutter, former stars of The Bachelorette, learned the hard way about the unpredictability of nature when they battled a severe spring snowstorm in Vail, CO, to make it to the hospital in time for the arrival of daughter Blakesley Grace on April 3. The weather was so treacherous, police closed a highway leading to Trista’s destination: the Vail Valley Medical Center.

“I had to tell the trooper, ‘I’m in labor, I need to get through,’” Trista says. “I think he knew he had the choice of letting me through or delivering the baby in my car.” But once she arrived at the hospital, it was smooth sailing. As for the baby’s given name, “Blakesley is my mom’s maiden name,” Trista explains to Life & Style. “We haven’t decided what we’ll call her —Blakesley, Blake, Grace or Gracie. We’ll let her personality show us what’s right.”

Source: Life & Style Magazine


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