Iron Chef Fans: Cat Cora on their Miracle Babies


Cat Cora handily sliced and diced her way to becoming Iron Chef America’s first and only female Iron Chef in 2005. But her first pregnancy has been no piece of cake. “I’m not very comfortable,” Cat, 41, told Life & Style during a visit to Santa Barbara, Calif., where she has a recently renovated home. “It’s a big transition for me — I’m like a fish out of water.” Luckily, she didn’t go through it alone: Cat’s longtime partner, Jennifer, just gave birth to son Thatcher Julius Cora on Saturday, April 4. They had both been carrying boys from the same anonymous sperm donor thanks to successful in vitro fertilization treatments. Jen was thrilled to share the experience with Cat as she’s already given birth to the couple’s first two sons, Zoran, 5, and Caje, 2, by herself. “We were a little scared going through the hormones together — that’s a lot of emotion,” Jen tells Life & Style. “But it worked because we have such a strong relationship.”

Photo & Souce: Life & Style Magazine


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