Totally Texty is Totally Hot!

Totally Texty™

Totally Texty™

Totally Texty debuted at the Baby & Tween Celebration LA and Baby Swags was lucky enough to include this awesome tween/teen hair care product in the “Rockin Lollipop Lounge” swagalicious gift bags that were received by many celebrity tweens and teen that attended the event. Teens such as Daechelle, Savvy and Mandy, Allyson Ashley Arm, and many others were thrilled to have received this product!

Your tween/teen needs a shampoo specially made just for them. Totally Texty™ is the only shampoo that addresses not only your t&t’s hair, but also where the real problem lies, their scalp. The challenge of t&t’s skin and scalp is very different from babies and adults. Parents have addressed the needs of their t&t’s complexion, but have ignored the condition of their t&t’s scalp. Totally Texty™ is paraben free. This controversial chemical preservative is an endocrine disrupter that mimics the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancer according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

You can purchase Totally Texty™ by visiting the Totally Texty™ website. Each hair care product retails for $15.00


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