Baby Swags provides giveaway items to celebrity assistants meeting

Celebrity Assistant Placement Basket PhotoBaby Swags was called upon by a group of celebrity assistants to participate in their monthly meeting giveaway. The following companies were lucky to get their products shown to 300 invited celebrity assistants in Hollywood.
Honey Bunz – All natural bath and body products, boy and girl diaper pack of personalized diapers, boy and girl autographed diaper kits. Suggested retail value: $95.00

Naturally Me – Provided each assistant with their own all natural bath soak that is a luxurious blend of oatmeal, powder, sea salts, lavender, chamomile, spearmint and oils. Suggested retail value: 5.99 each

Coco-Zen – Fair Trade chocolate truffles made from organic ingredients: Truffles-To-Give, Truffles-To_go and Party favor tins. Chocolate Body Treats: chocolate flavored lip balm, edible lip scrub, salt body scrub, lotion and soap – all made from organic and Fair Trade ingredients. Suggested retail value of gift: $82.00

Punchbowl Productions – Set of eco-friendly fashionable totes and one necklace designed by Leslie Safley. Suggested retail value: $75.00

If you have an celebrity or VIP event and are in need of gift bags or special giveaway items, please feel free to contact us at 888-284-2170


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