First Time Mom, Alyson Hannigan Receives Gifts to Welcome Baby Satyana.

Hannigan Basket Photo

WAHM’s send new celebrity mom, Alyson Hannigan a pint sized gift bag filled with a lot of love.
Baby Swags teams up with work at home moms to send gifts to new celebrity mom, Alyson Hannigan after she gives birth to a baby girl named Satyana. Alyson Hannigan is best known for her role as Michelle Flaherty in the American Pie films and for Lily Aldrin on How I Met Your Mother. All the products included in Satyana’s gift basket were touched by the hands of a mom, or were inspired by a mom and with that, it makes these gifts extra special. Baby Swags was started in 2006 as a way to help promote work at home moms and the products they create. Since then, Baby Swags has grown leaps and bounds from hosting a gift suite, providing silent auction gift baskets to charities, local media coverage for their clients, national print exposure with celebrities using/wearing client products and more with a primary specialty of celebrity gifting. Baby Swags primarily provides exposure to new and small businesses who have limited marketing and advertising budgets. All products included are made out of love and passion, of course while maintaining the utmost quality.

The following companies provided gifts to Alyson:
* Creative Clips by Colleen – – Designer clips as seen on Honor Marie (Jessica Alba’s baby girl) and Denise Richardson’s girls, clips are made for all ages and stages!

* Yikes Twins – – The baby bunny hooded towel is 100% cotton. It comes in a variety of styles and is made in the USA.

* LibraKnits – – Hand made Re sa Baby Hat is cozy and snuggly that will last for years to come. Made with plush angora and lambswool blended yarn that makes them feel soft and comfy on your baby’s skin.

* Frogs and Fairy Dreams – – Hand made tooth fairy pillow. Personalized, unique and one of a kind gifts for children. Give them something truly special for memories that will last a lifetime.

Baby Swags prides itself on providing excellent services to help gain recognition to fellow work at home moms and their products by providing celebrities with VIP gift bags, assisting in selecting products for celebrity event gift bags and more. If you are a work at home mom and would like to see your products in an upcoming basket, please contact Phyllis at for more details.


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