Say “NO” to Unappropriate NYC Billboard

As a mom of three kids, two girls and one boy, I am appalled at this billboard that was brought to my attention by a client and fellow mompreneur. It is being shown to many on the streets of NYC. This billboard I am speaking of is one that was done as a marketing strategy, an ad campaign for Calvin Klein. I will not be showing the ad because I do not want to be the one to further promote the ad by displaying it on my blog and/or website. I will however express my concerns that this type of advertising sends an unappropriated message to young people, guys and girls. The billboard shows a very young girl in a soft – child pornographic way kissing one boy, caressing another boy’s head with yet another on the floor to what appears to be watching. Will it draw attention? Yes. Is it the type of attention that we want to show our young people? No. I certainly would not want my 11 year old daughter to see this and think it’s ok, nor would I want my son to see this either. I remember too as my fellow mompreneur pointed out on her blog the Calvin Klein ad with Brooke Shields. I did not find it appropriate even as a child and I, as a parent now, am completely disgusted to see how far companies will push the envelope for a sale. Do they not have good judgment? This is clearly a step in the wrong direction. Heck, a local school bus driver just got arrested for distributing child porn on the internet….where is the justice? Should a billboard ad be allowed to distribute child porn in the streets of NYC…I think not. I urge you to make a phone call and share your outrage with Calvin Klein. As a parent who has buying power, I for one will not be making any purchases that will support a company that chooses to exploit young girls or boys in this way. Let your voices be heard. Please call 866-513-0513 and tell Calvin Klein how you feel!


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