Bows2Cute is on a Hollywood Mission

jessicaalbabows2cuteJesica Alba Basket PhotoBows2Cute hair accessories are becoming celebrity must haves as more celebrity moms and their babies have been spotted wearing these adorably stylish hair accessories. Baby Swags has gifted each one as a way to promote work at home moms and their products. Jessica Alba and Honor was sent an assortment of clips as shown here:

While another celebrity mom and baby were spotted wearing the Bows2Cute monogrammed button clip.

halle-gabriel-5249-20 Halle Berry Two Basket Photo

But that is not all that’s been happening for Bows2Cute and sister company, Clip Trendz! We set Clip Trendz up to be included in a celebrity birthday VIP Celebrity Teen Gift bag event for Brittany Curran Retro Birthday Bash! A VIP gift bag was given away to one lucky Girls Life Magazine reader! You can see all about it here: Girls Life Magazine and here Just Jared Jr Here is an image of some of the pony holders that were sent to celebrities such as The Clique Girls, Noah Cyrus, The G-Girls and so many more!


Baby Swags celebrity gifting is a way to promote maternity and juvenile related products to celebrity moms and their children. We take great pride in our clients products as each product is handmade making them all quite a unique find. We are thrilled that many celebrity babies and teens will be wearing Bows2Cute! We wish you continued success as your business grows and flourish, all the way to Hollywood!


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