Templeton’s is Forced to Re-name Their Heirloom Binky Bracelet


Templeton’s is Forced to Re-name Their Heirloom Binky Bracelet

Templeton’s – “Timeless Infant Silver” desperately needs your help. We are reaching out to each of you in hopes of helping us re-name our product, and hopefully generate some business for you as well. We have been forced by Playtex to “cease and desist” using the word “binky” in our product name. A trademark application was filed for our Heirloom Binky Bracelet. However, Playtex has already registered the name “binky” for their pacifier. Originally, we were given only 5 business days to change our name. This can get very costly for such a small business like ours that is run solely by my sister and me.

We are reaching out to each of you in hopes that we can help each other. We are going to host a contest to re-name our product. We love our name and are finding it very difficult to quickly create another name. So, we thought that we would ask our peers for help.

There are several ways that your participation can directly affect your sales and increase buzz about your company through your generosity. I will post each of your contact information on our website, blog, Facebook (2 personal pages and 1 fan page), Twitter, and other network marketing sites in regards to this contest. I will send out a mass emailer to our entire contact list mentioning all of your information along with press releases to my media list. About.com’s baby guide writer, Stacie McClintock, will blog about the contest on her site. Each of my retailers will be sent a list of the products and contact info for each participant. I already have a TV interview set-up with our local morning show here in Charleston, SC. I will mention that there is a great gift basket filled with innovative and stylish products made by Mompreneurs who all came together to help out another Mompreneur in need. I would like to have all of the products in time to be shown on the TV show. Right now the date is scheduled for Friday, July 24th. I’m working on pushing this back in order for your products to reach me in time. This is a Live show. I will also send each of you a copy of the video link from the show to put on your press page. You will also receive a press release for you to use with your own promotion. I am also hoping to get an interview with our local section in our news paper that features women focused businesses.

How your company can help us is by providing us with one of your products to be donated into our Grand Prize Basket. Obviously, the more the participants the more press we should receive. This could turn into a huge marketing plan for all of us, if we all come together and pool our resources. If you are interested in participating in this, please contact Rhett Templeton immediately. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you.
Contact: Rhett Templeton
Rhett at TempletonSilver dot com
843.795.PACI (7224)


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