Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar


– Winter Wonderland will focus on baby style. Trendy tot fashions, boots, jackets, and winter wear. / Celebrity Awards Events – special report/Golden Globes 1/11/09, SAG Awards – special report 1/25/09,


– All about Love and all things red. Red clothing, toys, bags, purses, if it’s red, we want it. / Celebrity Awards Events – special report Grammy’s 2/8/09, Academy Awards – special report 2/22/09


– Spring – Summer Tot Trends. Swimwear, shoes, spring fashion, new summer toys. / Easter parties.


– Go Green Baby- 2nd Annual Gifting. April 22, Earth Day special report – Eco-friendly buyers guide. April 25 & 26 -LA Baby & Tween Celebration – special report from convention.


– Mothers Day – 3rd Annual Best Celeb Mom Gifting. Separate reports on Baby Boy products and Baby Girl products to be included in Baby Swags Spring Buyers Guide.


– Summer Fun, planning for your 4th of July holiday party. Product for your Pet. First Annual Posh Pets gifting event.


– Holiday celebrations, all things American. – Gear up for fall, strollers, car seats and anything that goes!


– Back to School fashions, backpacks, and lunch boxes. Teen Choice Awards 2 Annual Gifting event – Celebrity Awards Events – special report, date TBA


– What’s in your room? Decor for baby, tot, tween & teens. ABC Expo special report – live from Vegas / Celebrity Awards Events – special report Emmy’s 9/21/09


– Haunting Holiday tricks and treats. Tween/Teen Fall/Winter fashions.


– What are you Thankful for – Special Celebrity Quotes. Expecting moms, what should you wear this holiday season? / Celebrity Awards Event – special report AMA’s 11/23/09


– It’s my First Christmas – What should you get for baby? Hot Holiday Products for the family / Winter 09/10 Buyers Guide.

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