Getting Your Products to Celebrities

People often wonder why companies send celebrities products when they clearly make enough money to purchase it themselves. When it comes to celebrities, one thing is for certain; they draw media attention. When companies send products to celebrities they aren’t thinking about how much the product costs and whether or not they can afford to by it, they are thinking about the results that the media attention will bring to their company when the celebrity is seen, either on video or in a photograph with or wearing their product.

With each celebrity gifting option, there are different types, styles and costs to be involved, along with different results you can expect. It is best to do your homework and be sure you are comfortable with the company you are working with, this type of marketing campaign, and results you can expect before you even put your foot in the door.

Swag Bags: Swag Bags can generally be the least costly way to send celebrities your product, ranging anywhere from $50 to $800 for each gift bag promotion. A swag bag will typically consist of merchandise that is distributed to celebrities, musicians, media, or other high profile members of society and corporate America. You may be familiar with the Swag Bags given to celebrities for the Oscars, The Emmys, ESPY awards and many other celebrity awards ceremonies. Swag bags can be sent to one celebrity or a group of celebrities for many different occasions, so it is best to know the theme and the quantity of products needed before you agree to any gift bag promotion.

Gift Suites or Lounges: Usually with this option, the cost to be involved is in the thousands and numbers of products requested are in the hundreds. However, gift suites give you direct access to the invited celebrities, agents, stylists and media. Most are set up like trade shows. You will receive your table and draping, chairs, and will be allowed to have two representatives at your booth. You design your gift suite spot as you would your trade show booth with attractive displays, catchy signage and a charming personality behind the table. Be prepared to take your own pictures so don’t forget your camera!

Results: Swag Bags and Gift Suites are to be used as a form of marketing and advertising. People should not go into participating in luxury lounges or donating products to gift bags and expect many immediate returns. You should consider it to be part of you’re advertising campaign. Just like any other form of advertising, it takes time, patience, quality products or services, persistence and determination to promote your business. Some times advertising campaigns are an over night success, others take more time; some unfortunately don’t work at all. You need to find what works best for you and your company. While not all celebrities respond to gifts received, others will provide you with a quote, thank you note, or other communication that provides you with another way to gain coverage and credibility for your product or service.

Copyright © Phyllis Pometta:
Phyllis Pometta is the founder and President of Baby Swags and Unforgettable PR. Baby Swags specializes in marketing and promoting juvenile related products to celebrity moms and their babies. Baby Swags parent company, Unforgettable PR offers gifting services for business carrying products for tween/teens and adults. Previous gifting events resulted in the gifted products being seen on A-List celebrity babies, features in national celebrity and business publications, and media interviews. There are many options to celebrity gifting and as a company that provides this service to its clients, we can see the value and credibility it places on our clients businesses and their products. For additional information visit or


New Product Search Contest for a Spot in the 2009 Baby Swags Holiday VIP Celebrity Gifting

Baby Swags Announces its Third Annual Holiday Celebrity Gifting Event with Product Search

Select Celebrity families receive an exclusive Holiday Gift Bag for the 2009 Holiday Season that aims to bring awareness to many entrepreneurial products to be used by the entire family.

PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 08, 2009 – Plainfield, IL — Baby Swags is a Plainfield, Illinois based entertainment marketing company that fully supports woman entrepreneurs and their products. Since it’s 2006 launch date, Baby Swags has continuously gained recognition in the celebrity and mom-entrepreneur communities as the leading celebrity gifting company with it’s top-notch customer service in the forefront of it’s success. Such recognition provided Baby Swags and it’s clients to have products appear on A-List Celebrity children, appear in national publications, as well as participate in and produce their own celebrity gift suite.

“All the products we include in our Celebrity VIP Giftings are mom-invented, mom-inspired, or mom-made”, Says Pometta. “As an Entrepreneurial woman myself, I understand the amount of time, energy and passion that has been put into each product.” Pometta continues to add, “We are constantly looking for and reaching out to new emerging mom-based companies with a product that will shine with the stars.”

With the companies announcement of their third annual VIP Celebrity holiday gifting, they are also searching for the newest mom-made, mom-inspired, or mom-invented products for the 2009 holiday gift giving season. The product search contest will allow one grand-prize winner to have their products placed in the 2009 Holiday Gifting without the added cost of the company’s standard service-inclusion fee. The grand-prize winner will be required to submit their product at their (the winner’s) expense, which includes 20 products plus the cost to ship to Baby Swags. For more details and contest rules visit

The celebrity families that are sent gifts can keep their gifts, give them away or send them back. In the event that they are sent back, Baby Swags will auction off their gift bags and submit all proceeds to the charity of their choice. Products for this one-of-a-kind, 2009 “exclusive” Baby Swags Holiday Gift Bag will also be used as a Giveaway item for the popular new and expecting mom website, More details regarding the giveaway will be shared at a later date.

Pometta states, “It takes a strong woman to build up their business while maintaining their role as mom, wife, and friend. It is for these strong women that many of our products exist today.” Phyllis adds, “Being able to assist our clients in promoting their products by providing them affordable choices is one of the great services that Baby Swags can provide.”

Baby Swags provides celebrity new moms and their babies with products created by entrepreneurial women. They are quickly becoming the ‘must have’ baby gift basket to celebrity moms, in the United States as well as tweens and teens in London. Baby Swags is making their way around the world receiving website hits from Canada, China, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, France and Spain.

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Baby Swags prides itself on providing excellent services to help gain recognition to fellow work at home moms and their products by providing celebrities with VIP gift bags, assisting in selecting products for celebrity event gift bags and placing products into the hands of celebrities and influential people. If you are a work at home mom and would like to see your products in an upcoming celebrity baby basket or if you have a teen related product and would like to get it in the hands of celebrity teens, please contact Phyllis at for more details.

Mom Inspired Products Mark a First Birthday Milestone

Baby Swags PR provides Jessica Alba and Honor Marie Warren Milestone Gift Basket with Mom Inspired Products.

Honor Marie Warren First Birthday Gifting

Aug 18, 2009 – Baby Swags has sent Jessica Alba and one year old daughter, Honor Marie Warren a birthday gift to share in the one year milestone of Honor’s birth. The products included in this gift set have been created by other women who share a common bond of motherhood. Jessica is admired by many work-at-home mom followers and fans for being such a wonderful hands on celebrity mom.

“It is always a thrill to see celebrity new moms out and about with their babies!” States Baby Swags Founder, Phyllis Pometta. “By being out in the public eye with her daughter, it shows the world that she is a hands on mom and isn’t afraid to show it.” Pometta continues, “All of our participating clients were anxiously awaiting the birth of her baby so that they too can share in life’s biggest miracle, and now that she has turned one, our clients share in that joy too.”

* Karma Kreationz – – Handcrafted custom designed Karma Klipz(tm), Klaspz, Bandz and Pinz for the birthday girl.

* LibraKnits – – Available in Fall 2009, the Swingset Cap is the perfect mix of sun protection and fashion for babies on the go. Handmade in San Francisco from 100% organic cotton yarn, the Swingset Caps are available in nine different colors to meet the needs of every stylish baby.

* Frogs and Fairy Dreams – – Hand-crafted Tooth Fairy pillow.

About Baby Swags:
All of the products supplied have been created by mom, invented by mom, or is a mom owned boutique. Baby Swags was founded in 2006 and fully supports the work-at-home mom, their products and services to which they provide to and for the everyday mom. Baby Swags has taken the leadership role in supporting work at home moms and has experienced first hand that it takes a strong woman to build up their business while maintaining their role as mom, wife, and friend. It is for these strong women than many of our products exist today. Being able to assist their clients in promoting their products affordably is one of the great services that Baby Swags can provide. Phyllis Pometta, Baby Swags founder and work-at-home mom is the “go to” mom for finding and supporting the most unique, most wanted and sought after mom and baby products out there. Not only does quality play a factor in her search, but products also have to be affordable. It is a goal to be able to bring these products into the public eye and to capture your hearts. Keep your eyes open as new products surface every day.

If you are a mom who has a product that you would like to share, or would like to learn more about how you too can be included in these one-of-a-kind gift baskets, please feel free to visit Baby Swags at

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(Unofficial) Teen Choice Awards Gift Suite Pre-Party Photo Gallery

Here are some images from the unofficial Teen Choice Awards Gift Suite and Red Carpet Pre-Party that took place at Level 3 Nightclub in Hollywood on August 6, 2009.
Feel free to use these images as long as you put proper credit to Baby Swags. Thanks!

The Lolitas

Baby Swags Joins Young Hollywood for the Teen Choice Awards Gift Suite Presented by T2PR

Celebrity Gifting company provides clients with an amazing opportunity to get their products into the hands of Hollywood’s hottest teen celebrities.

Aug 07, 2009 – Baby Swags, a celebrity gifting and public relations firm headed to Hollywood with client products in hand for the Teen Choice Awards gift suite presented by Totally Texty and T2PR. The one-day young Hollywood event was held at the well-known nightclub, Level 3 on August 6, 2009.

Baby Swags is a well-known celebrity gifting company located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and has a network of over 400 mom-based businesses that provides client products to award events, charity events, VIP gift bags, and has hosted their own gift suite, “Rockin’ Lollipop Lounge” as a way to bring more exposure and credibility to their clients products.

“The day was jam packed with fun and great opportunities to get my clients products seen by many well-known celebrity teen idols, publicists, celebrity stylists and media.” Baby Swags founder, Phyllis Pometta adds, “Thanks to T2PR and Totally Texty, my clients received a great new following!”

Celebrities at the event went home with products from Pink Pewter, Toffee Creations, and Temptation of a Generation, The Series.

Pink Pewter offers Original designs that are premium quality fashion hair accessories for children, teenagers and adults. Their collection of limited quantity, fashion headbands deliver the high quality you expect in a top brand at an affordable price. Their collections include unique designs featuring SWAROVSKI crystals, genuine leather and soft silk flowers.

Toffee Creations– Their mission is to introduce and tantalize your taste buds with creative and “Out of the Box” flavors of their sinfully delicious, and unique combination’s. Each creation is “homemade” using some of the finest and purest ingredients available.

Temptation Series– The “Temptation of a Generation Series” is the first illustrated book series of its kind to tackle the tough issues of today’s pre-teens face with technology. Computers, cell phones, and personal electronic devices are wonderful tools, yet can be dangerous to children when used without parental supervision. “The Temptation Series” is designed for pre-teens and their parents as a tool to open communication and to help create rules for using such technology.

Celebrities in attendance consisted of, Brandi Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Jason Earles, Tiffany Thornton, Chelsea Staub, Christina Murphy, Kaycee Stroh, Brittany Curran, Molly Burnett, Chelsea Hobbs, Justin Chon, Ashley Argota, Ryan Newman, Kyle Massey, Dakota, Emily Grave Reaves, David Henrie, Keana Texeira, Austin Butler, Jonathan Morgan Heit, Scott Baio, Chris Atkins, Crystal Hill, Emma Winkler, Porscha Coleman, Derrex Brady and many more.

For more information on Baby Swags and to learn how you can get your product into the hands of celebrities, visit or call 888-284-2170 for details. Baby Swags is a full service PR firm specializing in celebrity gifting for small businesses.

Baby Swags is not affiliated with the Teen Choice Awards. This award gift suite was an unofficial gift suite hosted and presented by T2PR and Totally Texty.

Phyllis Pometta
Baby Swags

Sister-“Mompreneurs” announce national contest



CHARLESTON, S.C., JULY 27, 2009– Small business owners and sisters Rhett & Neyle Templeton recently learned how childish corporate life can be when giant Playtex Corporation ordered them to drop the “Binky” from their signature product, the Heirloom Binky Bracelet.

“Binky” seemed to be a cute, generic word helping describe the sterling silver pacifier holder (which converts to a keepsake bracelet for posterity) that the sisters created for their co-owned business, Templeton’s – Timeless Infant Silver. Both stay-at-home moms, Rhett & Neyle epitomize the success of the “Mompreneur” movement, having received national publicity for their products on “The Drs” TV show, as well as promotion in “swag bags” for Hollywood babies.

All was peaceful until Playtex confronted Templeton’s last week with a “cease and desist” order to drop “Binky” from their name. It turns out “Binky” is trademarked as Playtex’s pacifier brand.

With only five business days to follow through, the Templetons turned a jarring setback into opportunity, and not just for themselves, announcing a contest to rename their product.

“The contest will be announced on August 7th on the Charleston morning show Lowcountry Live with Ryan Nelson,” co-owner Rhett Templeton said.

There will be one Grand Prize Winner, who will receive a large basket stuffed with “Infant to Mommy” Products from clients of the PR and Marketing Company Baby Swags, which places “mompreneur” creations in swag bags for celebrities.

Baby Swags owner Phyllis Pometta stepped in immediately to help when she learned of the sisters’ business crisis, Templeton noted. “From the U.S. to Canada as well as Australia, the generosity of our peers and their willingness to help another small business in need has been overwhelming.”

Contest rules can be found on the Templeton’s website, The Grand Prize Basket products can be viewed both there and on Baby Swags’ website, The contest is open to all.


Please Contact:
Rhett Templeton, Templeton’s
843.795.PACI (7224)

Phyllis Pometta, Baby Swags

Beach Baby, Levi McConaughey Turns One and is sent a Milestone Gift Basket

Baby Swags helps to celebrate Matthew McConaughey’s son First Birthday by providing him with mom-made gifts.

Levi McConaughey Basket Photo

Plainfield, Il – July 16, 2009 – Baby Swags is proud to have added Matthew McConaughey to their celebrity roster after the birth of son, Levi. Now, Levi is turning one and Matthew is becoming a second time daddy! Baby Swags worked with a group of entrepreneurial moms and sent Levi some special gifts to help celebrate his one year milestone. Matthew McConaughey is known for playing the leading man in several hit romantic comedies, including The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Failure to Launch. Matthew is also known for J.K. Livin which stands for “Just Keep Livin”, a phrase often used by the actor as well as is a non-profit organization that he started to help boys and girls transform into adults with programs set up to help with important life changing decision making.

Baby Swags was started in 2006 as a way to help promote work at home moms and the products they create. Since then, Baby Swags has grown leaps and bounds from hosting gift suites, providing silent auction gift baskets to charities, talk show audience member giftings, local media coverage for their clients, national print exposure with celebrities using/wearing client products and more with a primary specialty of celebrity gifting. Baby Swags primarily provides exposure to new and small businesses who have limited marketing and advertising budgets. All products included are made out of love and passion, of course while maintaining the utmost quality.

The following companies provided gifts to the one year old:

* Puddlefoot – – 100% organic cotton t-shirt with eco-friendly inks and dyes. Soft and stretchy with a wonderful vintage feel. Made in the USA, mother owned and operated.

* Chickadee Prints- – Cool beach themed, personalized “Levi” thank you cards printed on recycled paper.

* Just-Be – – Just Be a Blessing onesie.

* Neat Solutions – Products for moms on the go! Multi-Use Pads, Disposable Bibs and Floor Mats make great gifts to make clean up easier for parents.

“It was a true honor to work with my clients to provide this one of a kind gift basket created just for Matthew McConaughey and his toddler, Levi.” Stated Phyllis Pometta, owner of Baby Swags. “We all absolutely adore Matthew and enjoy his work!” Pometta adds, “On behalf of Baby Swags and my clients, we wish him nothing but continued happiness and success in the years to come and more importantly, wish Levi a very happy first birthday filled with fun and lots of love.”

Baby Swags prides itself on providing excellent services to help gain recognition to fellow work at home moms and their products by providing celebrities with VIP gift bags, assisting in selecting products for celebrity event gift bags and more. If you are a work at home mom and would like to see your products in an upcoming celebrity baby basket or if you have a teen related product and would like to get it in the hands of celebrity teens at the Teen Choice Awards, please contact Phyllis at for more details.

For information or to request an interview with Phyllis Pometta, please call, 815-342-6739 or email info at babyswags dot com.