Infant Bows received a Thank You note from Trista Sutter

Jamie from InfantBows notified us that she received the following thank you note from The Bachelorette, Trista Sutter. This wonderful thank you note was a result of a gifting Baby Swags did to welcome the newest addition to the family, little miss Blakesley Sutter. To see more of what InfantBows has to offer, please take click on over and see!



Susu and John & CutiePaTutus get their Thanks!

Our week we flourishing when we were told many of our clients had received a thank you note from someone we had sent gifts to! Love was in the air for Baby Swags and our clients and it was bliss, pure bliss! Baby Swags sent Miss Stella McDermott (Tori Spelling’s daughter) a big first birthday basket and some clients have received special thank you notes from the little ladybug herself! Take a look at the latest and greatest thanks…

Stella thanks Susu and John

Tori Spelling - Stella Doreen McDermott - June 2009 Basket Photo

Stella thanks CutiePaTutus

Stella thanks CutiePaTutus

If you have a product you would like to include in one of our giftings, please visit to learn how.

Libraknits gets Thank You’d!

Our friend Amanda with Libraknits received a couple thank you notes that we would love to share with you! Both come as a result to the Baby Swags giftings. One was from the Sutter family. The Sutters have become well known after their television meeting on the Bachelorette and their televised wedding. The couple now have two children, Max and Blakesley. The other thank you note is that from Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of Gavin Newsom, yes the Mayor of San Francisco! We are thrilled that both families are enjoying their gifts sent from Baby Swags!

Trista Sutter thanks Libraknits

Trista Sutter thanks Libraknits

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, wife of Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco says Thanks!

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, wife of Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco says Thanks!

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Jennifer, Violet and Creative Clips

Yes, they go hand in hand! Jennifer Garner was spotted picking up daughter, Violet, from school on Friday and guess who’s cute hair accessory she was wearing! If you guessed Creative Clips by Colleen, you would have guessed correctly! Here is one of the hair clips that was worn by Violet Affleck, which is available at Creative Clips by Colleen!

Bows2Cute is on a Hollywood Mission

jessicaalbabows2cuteJesica Alba Basket PhotoBows2Cute hair accessories are becoming celebrity must haves as more celebrity moms and their babies have been spotted wearing these adorably stylish hair accessories. Baby Swags has gifted each one as a way to promote work at home moms and their products. Jessica Alba and Honor was sent an assortment of clips as shown here:

While another celebrity mom and baby were spotted wearing the Bows2Cute monogrammed button clip.

halle-gabriel-5249-20 Halle Berry Two Basket Photo

But that is not all that’s been happening for Bows2Cute and sister company, Clip Trendz! We set Clip Trendz up to be included in a celebrity birthday VIP Celebrity Teen Gift bag event for Brittany Curran Retro Birthday Bash! A VIP gift bag was given away to one lucky Girls Life Magazine reader! You can see all about it here: Girls Life Magazine and here Just Jared Jr Here is an image of some of the pony holders that were sent to celebrities such as The Clique Girls, Noah Cyrus, The G-Girls and so many more!


Baby Swags celebrity gifting is a way to promote maternity and juvenile related products to celebrity moms and their children. We take great pride in our clients products as each product is handmade making them all quite a unique find. We are thrilled that many celebrity babies and teens will be wearing Bows2Cute! We wish you continued success as your business grows and flourish, all the way to Hollywood!

Celebrity Babies wear Creative Clips by Colleen

Lola Sheen wears Creative Clips by ColleenLola Sheen Wearing Creative Clips by Colleen

Over the last couple weeks, we have spotted celebrity babe’s, Honor Marie (Jessica Alba), Stella Doreen (Tori Spelling), Nahla (Halle Berry), and Lola Sheen (Denise Richards) all sporting different styles of clips. All the clips were hand made by Creative Clips by Colleen and sent to the celeb tots handled with care by Baby Swags.

Stella McDermott with daddy Dean Shopping for a First Birthday Cake!Jessica Alba with Honor Marie on Memorial Day

Creative Clips by Colleen has clips that are perfect for babies, tweens, teens and yes, even you moms can wear them! They are being sold in various boutique’s, Von Maur Department Stores around the country and are available online at with prices starting at $8.00 each.

Halle Berry's Nahla wears Creative Clips by ColleenHalle Berry's Nahla wears Creative Clips by Colleenspflower

If you are a retailer and would like to start carrying this Celebrity Baby Must Have accessory, give Colleen a shout! She’d love to hear from you! *Coming soon….3 styles of feather head bands for ages 2 and up-including Mommy!

feather headbands and clips coming soon by Creative Clips by Colleentimeoutkids

And get this! Creative Clips wants to THANK YOU for all your support this past year! They are offering a 15% off EVERY ITEM using this… coupon link to their online website store. This will be valid May 28th-August 1st! Don’t forget to order your mini display stand-hair clip organizer, which makes a great gift for your very own celebrity baby!

Honor spotted again wearing Bows2Cute

Honor Marie Warren wears Bows2CuteJesica Alba Basket Photo

Bows2Cute was spotted on Honor Marie while out shopping with mom, Jessica Alba in Beverly Hills on May 30, 2009. Baby Swags sent Jessica Alba a gift basket to welcome her baby girl Honor which included Bows2Cute hair accessories. Bows 2 Cute specializes in bows that stay in fine, thin or barely there hair, there are many styles and ribbon patterns to choose from with endless possibilities to create a custom bow perfect for little princesses. Honor is wearing a blue paisley preemie bow.