Getting ready for the fourth in style!

3900-2Kick off your 4th of July parties by serving your guests on a personalized holiday plate. The special holiday plate retails for $22.00 and is available at Celebrities such as Tori Spelling, the Kardashian family, the Jonas Brothers and Denise Richards all are fans of La Plate.

hotdog_eWhen it comes time to eat and your little one wants a nice hot dog right off the grill, be sure to cut it into safe, pieces that are easy for toddlers to chew and swallow without the fear of choking. If you want something quick and easy to do the job, look no further! The Hotdog Cutter is the product for you. It retails for $5.99 and can be purchased at

sj_met_red_bigWe need shoes to protect those cute lil baby toes, so be sure to pick up a pair of these red Mary Janes by Sweet Shoes that have been seen on Tori Spelling’s little bug, Stella McDermott. They can be purchased online at and retail for $27.99

4thofjulypinwheelNext you will need a cute hair accessory to keep the hair out of your little girls face as she sticks her gooey BBQ chicken fingers in her mouth. There is no better bow hair clip than that of Bows2Cute. Bows2Cute have been seen on celebrity babes such as Violet Affleck, Harlow Madden, and Halle Berry’s little girl Nahla. The “Stars Galore Layered Pinwheel” retails for $5.25 and can be purchased directly from

400_DSC5077Dress your little guy or girl in style with Cool Kids Clothes by KAOS Clothing! This kids rock t shirt features 100% recycled material with raw edge detail, classic American. Rock kids clothing that just – well ROCKS! It can be found at Love Bug Clothing Co. and retails for $54.99. Put your little American child who was Born in the USA in this specialty tee.

ttafDo you have a baby that uses a pacifier? Do you want to use that and proudly display your American heritage? If so, you must get this blinged out paci that is a Tribute to our Brave Men and Women Overseas… the Proudly Patriotic Baby Bling Pacifier adorned with Swarovski Rhinestones featuring the American Flag and all her Glory retails for $54.95 and is available at

starsinmyskyBirth Designs Hand-forged and stamped super thick sterling silver stars – stamped on both sides! With a Swarovski Crystal moon in your choice of color. You can have them stamp different names/words/dates on each side of the star, doubling the amount of space! Retails for $48.00 1 star, and price will go up for each additional star up to a total of 4 stars. If your children’s names are longer than 5 letters, they may need to be arranged more “artfully” (less straight) to accommodate the letters.

So many accidents happen for various reasons during the 4th of July celebration, so please be safe where ever you go!


Sock Ons by

If you have ever been out with your sock wearing baby and all of a sudden you look down and s/he is missing a sock, then this is the ultimate product for you! I had lost many socks when my kids were little (and when they get bigger, it doesn’t get better…just an FYI) but this little product called Sock Ons will help with out a doubt to keep those little socks on those little feet! Simply slip the Sock Ons right over baby’s sock and it ‘locks’ the baby’s sock into place with a patent pending design. One of the reasons why I love this product so much is that Sock Ons have been invented by a mum of five little boys who always lost their socks! Sock Ons are made from a softly woven blend of elasticized material with contrasting colored stitching around the edges. They are sold at and are available in Baby Pink, Baby Blue, White and Fuchsia and retail for $8.00 each. Baby tested, mother approved!

Saurette – Product Review

Gianna wearing Saurette Saurette launching it’s contemporary children’s clothing line just in time for Spring, 2009. The products will appeal to parents who are looking for a modern and uniquely stylish flair to their child’s spring wardrobe. I had the opportunity sneak a peak and review products from Saurette. By now my children all know that when a package comes to the door it is usually for me, for “my work” as we call it. Well this scenario happens occasionally when my youngest daughter wants to open all the packages that she see’s. Usually she will tear the box apart, rip off the tissues and basically destroys the beautiful wrappings that these products come in, just so she can pull the product out, give it a quick glance and toss it to the side. When I had her open the box from Saurette, she followed the same pattern of ‘ripping’ things apart until she pulled out the products with an “ooooo, is this for me?” and “Can I wear it right now?” *keep in mind, I live in Chicago and it’s winter… Without hesitation she rips off her shirt and within a blink of an eye, she is wearing her chosen piece. Now just a little background on her, she is a HUGE tomboy. I can’t get her out of sweats and t-shirts, or pajamas! She tried on 3 shirts and I managed to take a picture of her wearing one while she was trying to get away from me because I was going to take it off of her. Sorry but it is a little blurry as a result. You can also see in her photo that she is wearing baseball jammie bottoms! Yep, that’s my girl! πŸ™‚ From one mom to another, if a product makes your child happy, you just have to love it! She is wearing a cute little white eyelet shirt in the picture but her most loved product was a beautiful blue (it’s like a turquoise blue) linen piece with two embroidered butterflies. It is simply gorgeous and it looks amazing on her and best yet, it is so soft, I wish I had one for me! Now that I am looking at it again, I want to take another picture of her actually wearing this one so you can see the beauty, however, pictures I am sure do not do them justice!

UPDATE: Here is a photo taken with Gianna wearing the beautiful blue linen piece that was mentioned earlier in this post. (ha, she is wearing red sweat pants!)



Leg Huggers -Product Review


Leg Huggers are baby leggings made from 100% sustainable bamboo fibers. You would never have even guessed! When we received the product we were amazed with their softness (and durability)! We received the Popsicle Parade style and it was such full of rich and vibrant colors which also surprised us as they contain no chemicals or pesticides making them a great eco-friendly product as well. As you can see by the photo, my daughter isn’t exactly a baby (she’s 4) but she was still able to put them on and run around to play.

(sorry but for some reason every time I try to load this picture up it goes the wrong way, lol) Gianna was running around, sliding all over our hardwood kitchen floor with our pup and not a floor burn to be found on those cutesy legs of hers!

Leg Huggers are durable, breathable, UV protective, antibacterial, odor resistant, and made from bamboo. They are one size fits all, (even up to 4 years old!), measuring 13 inches long and have 1″ knitted, elastic ribbing on both ends. If your baby girl is one that is on the move, the Leg Huggers accessory is great for protecting those sweet, tender baby legs, whether they are crawling, walking or running. They are fun and stylish little leg accessories that will keep baby’s legs warm during those cold winter days. They retail for $10.00, have many designs to choose from and are available at . Those that place their orders through Baby Swags, please use the code “momleg10” to receive a 10% discount through March 1, 2009.

Baby’s Little Log Book – Product Review

littlelogbookBeing a new mom can be overwhelming. You are faced with remembering all the little details in your baby’s life. When did you last feed the baby? You suddenly can’t remember if it was 3 hours or 4 because you, yourself are running on very little sleep. The Baby’s Little Log Book is a great tool used to help track baby’s feeding, sleeping and diaper habits along with tracking milestones, moods, medications and more. It is all organized in a nice, compact spiral book that is easy to carry in your diaper bag. But that is not all! It also has a section for doctors visits. You can add important facts such as their current height, weight, percentile, age and leaves plenty of room for notes, questions and answers. If you are nursing, there is a spot for your lactation notes along with a pumping log that will help aid you in keeping track of the time of day, amount and how long it took to pump. These sections are all color coded for you to easily flip to the section you need. A great note that I read in the book was that if you are a parent of twins, you can use the left side for twin one, and the right side for twin two. Both of their information is then stored in one easy to find, easy to read record book. This is the perfect baby shower gift for any new mom!

The “Baby’s Little Log Book” retails for $19.95 and can be found at or on

Sassy Belle Jeans- Product Review

Sassy Belle Jeans

While I was out in Arizona for our KTVK interview, we used space at the Daniela Jay Boutique. While we were setting up for our interview I happen to notice these really cool jeans and thought they were the most creative, cost effective way to add style to a child’s wardrobe. I had no idea who made them and with the confusion and craziness that went along with the interview, I neglected to get the information before I left. It was much to my surprise that Sassy Belle called and inquired about my services with celebrity gifting. I knew who it was and was so excited that we had the opportunity to connect after all.

Sassy Belle Jeans

The Sassy Belle Jeans have an adjustable waste band, which for a toddler is a great, must have! They grow so fast that with the adjustable waistband, you can get longer use out of them. The next thing I really liked with these jeans is the snap closure. There is nothing worse than trying to potty train your child and they can’t even get the jeans unbuttoned (which we have encountered many times). So, yes, snap closure…a must have! Now, on to the key ingredients of these high quality jeans; the panels. Speaking from experience, little girls have their own sense of fashion and style. Their opinions change on colors, themes, designs, styles, you name it, those cute ballerina shoes she wore at 11:00AM are not her favorite at 11:01AM. Little girls change their clothing constantly. It seems that ever hour they are in their rooms throwing all their clothing on the floor looking for that one piece of clothing that will complete her new look. With the Sassy Belle Jeans, she can change her style any time she wants while keeping her room clean!!! Great for mom, right? They offer so many different colors and themes to go with your child’s tastes at any given moment. My 4 year old daughter isn’t a girly girl by any stretch of the imagination, so finding clothing for her is well, very difficult. Sassy Belle Jeans have panels with soccer balls on them, stars, fish, guitars, and penguins, all with a “little” girl flair.

Sassy Belle Jean Panels

Panels are sold separately in various sizes to match up with size jeans you need. They have a retail price of $12.00 per panel. The jeans themselves run in sizes 2T to 4T and girls 5 to 12 and both retail for $45.00 and have a flower beautifully embroidered on the back pocket with the the Sassy Belle name on the opposite pocket. They are the coolest, trendiest, most hip pair of jeans your child will ever want to wear! And just for that fact alone, we are giving away a pair of jeans (size 3T) with a set of 4 panels! Follow the directions below to enter! A pair of jeans and a set of panels have also been sent to Adam Sandler after the birth of his second daughter.

Enter to win: Very easy to do (I promise) – You can earn up to 5 entries! Contest end January 25th, 2009.

1. Leave a comment! (1 entry)
2. Share the giveaway with our twitter friends and post back your link (1 extra entry)
3. Email us at with a comment (1 extra entry)
4. Visit the Sassy Belle website and tell us panel sets you like the best and post a comment here (1 extra entry)
5. Become a fan of Baby Swags on Facebook. (1 extra entry)

Good luck!
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You Glow Girl!

Today was a long, long day being with my husband and 4 year old all day without a break. To top that off, the “other two”, those would be my two older children, came home from school and it was non-stop talking, singing, yelling, oh reliving the commotion makes me want this next product up for review all over again.


I received two bottles of Glow Mama to review and it really couldn’t have come at a better time. When I got them, I put them in the refrigerator to chill. Today I decided it was the day. The day to take them out and pamper myself. After all it is called, “Glow Mama” and this mama was definitely not glowing earlier today.


First I must tell you that Glow Mama is made with no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. It contains no caffeine or fat. What it does contain is kiwi juice, 4 grams of fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamins B3, B6, B12, calcium and iron. It is 70 calories per bottle. Glow Mama was made by a mom for moms, making it one of my favorite drinks!


When you go to you will find different “mocktail” recipes that you can make that are totally natural and refreshing. I tried one bottle right from the bottle and it was pretty darn good. I don’t usually eat kiwi, so for me, I was a bit unsure if I would actually like it, but I did. It was not as sweet as I was thinking it would be and it had a rather light taste, much like that of a flavored water. But the real joy did not come until I tried one of the mocktail recipes provided on the website that I really felt ‘glowishous’, yeah that is my Fergie made up word, but when you really put yourself in a certain mindset and really take a moment to enjoy yourself, you’ll know what I mean. I tried the “Strawberry Diaperi”, simply because I had all the ingredients and I love strawberries. Took my mocktail upstairs where my bathtub was waiting. I relaxed while sipping on my Glow Mama Stawberry Diaperi and I felt as if I were laying in the sun on a white sandy beach, but then reality sunk in when I heard banging on the bathroom door coming from a very upset 4 year old.


When all is said and done, Glow Mama will provide moms and expecting moms with a healthy, natural, refreshing way to feel good while getting the essential vitamins, minerals and fiber your body needs and is endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.


You too can capture this feeling by going to and using the promo code, TM842 to receive 15% off your online order.