Interview with Happy Panda

I had the pleasure of interviewing Pamela with Happy Panda. I’ve worked with Pamela for a while now and I am so thrilled that after all this time I was finally able to talk to her on the phone! A majority of my work is done online or via email that it is always so wonderful to actually get to talk to someone who isn’t 4. Thanks a bunch for everything Pamela! For those that want to see what Happy Panda is all about, here is my little model when I first started working with her company. Gianna was so excited about that panda shirt, she wore it for about a month straight. She still has the little hat too that I catch her wearing from time to time, lol.


To here Pamela and I chat, visit VodPod


Interview with Michele Baratta

When a woman purchases a brand of jewelry with a person’s name behind it, there is a degree of wonder about what the designer. Who is she? What’s she like? The Michele Baratta brand, seen in stores and catalogs from coast to coast, is no different. Michele’s jewelry has been seen on “The View” and on various celebrity moms!

Interview with Michele Baratta

Interview with Maternity Salon

If you are pregnant and are curious about your hair care products, or have skin care concerns, you have to listen to Meri from Maternity Salon and visit the Maternity Salon website for more helpful information. Maternity Salon is your beauty go-to online guide for pregnancy. If you are looking for all natural, organic hair care products to use before, during and after your pregnancy, stop by Maternity Salon and shop around.

Interview with Maternity Salon

Interview with Professor Pocket

I had the opportunity to interview Paula and Nathalie with Professor Pocket.  We learned about the importance of incorporating bilingual music into the lives of our children.  I encourage you to take a listen to this interview and pick up your own Professor Pocket cd!

Interview with Professor Pocket

Interview with Sally Shields – The DIL Rules

Ok, there is no way that I can be this computer/technology illiterate. I cannot figure out how to add the widget to this wordpress blog! It is driving me crazy so I just uploaded the interview to my server and created this link. 🙂 I promise that I will eventually figure out how to add the link directly to BlogTalkRadio! But first, take a listen to my very first podcast. Thank you so much Sally for being so kind and patient with me. It was short notice (like an hour before hand) so I appreciate you taking the time today to talk to me. It was a lot of fun and I hope to chat with you soon. It would be a lot of fun to do a monthly free for all! 🙂 I think I will have to do that. Just open the forum up for anyone to visit, chat, share stories, experiences, etc… But, back to you Sally, again, thank for everything. You were a great first guest!

Here you go everyone! Here is Sally Shields, author of The DIL Rules

Interview with Sally Shields – Author of The DIL Rules