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Do you have a great product you want our team to look at? Do you know of a perfect online boutique that carries one of a kind type of products? Do you want more exposure for your company and/or product? If so, then feel free to submit your find and we will get back to you if we are interested in learning more.

A few facts that you will need to know before submitting your find.

1. We look for products that are or have been created or inspired by mom.
2. We look for products that have been seen on or with celebrities. That doesn’t mean you have to participate in our giftings or that you are guaranteed a review spot, we simply focus our business on pregnant celebrity moms and new celebrity moms with their baby’s. Having a testimonial such as a photo and/or thank you note aids as a plus and provides us with additional company credibility.
3. We cannot accept and review every product, but should we choose to review your product we will contact you via email with the proper mailing address to send your product samples. We do not guarantee that your product will be reviewed.
4. You must have a fully functioning website. We cannot review a product and not have any place to send our reader to make a purchase.
5. We will actually be using the products you send in, so they cannot be returned. If you would like to provide us with a product for a giveaway, please let us know because we can have you send a product directly to your winner.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a holler at


One Response

  1. Hi, Girls-
    I saw your company on the Start Up Nation Conatestant Profile. I voted for you as well. I am listed under baby boomers back in business. I am glad that I discovered your company. I would be most interested in including my products that I sell and promote in your celebrity gifting baskets as well as
    offering your readers the opportunity to win some
    free custom/personalized baby shoes and booties.
    Please contact me to pursue or connection further.
    Thanks so much. Look forward to connecting.
    Sandy Rich
    Kids N Caboodle, Founder

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