It’s your time to shine – Motivational

Every Friday I am going to share a little thought process for you. You don’t have to read it, but I hope you do. If anything I want it to be inspiring, and perhaps put some of your fears to rest and empower you to keep doing what you are doing.
Happy Friday the 13th! Today is usually a day to fear but not today! It’s all in how you look at life! I choose today to be TBDE! The Best Day Ever – courtesy of Spongebob!

Why would I think that in an economy like we have today? Why would I think of it in that way with many people not working, businesses failing, and the threats of what CPSIA will do to many, many more small businesses. I will tell you why. I believe. Plain and simple. I believe. I am a dreamer yes, but I am also a realist. I know that times are hard, but you have to change YOUR mindset to know that THIS is YOUR time to shine. It is time for you to re-invent yourself. It is an opportunity to make those changes in your business that just aren’t working for you, set up a new plan and market yourself like crazy! It honestly does not take a lot of money to do that, just time, and patience. You have to take advantage of the situation and really put yourself to the test. Can you do it? Do you believe in yourself, or in your product? Because I know that I believe in your business and products. If you have been with me for a while, you know that is the honest to goodness truth. Those that just recently joined, after you get to know me (more on a personal level), you will come to see that I really do love working with who I’ve come to call, “My girls”, just ask any of them, they’ll tell ya! 🙂

Now what I want you to do is, stop thinking about the “What If’s” and replace that with “No matter what, I will succeed”. You and you alone have the power to change how your business is going. If you don’t like something, change it. If you want more retailers, go get them. If you don’t know how to do something, ask someone who does. YOU have the power. Don’t let the news, the media, the papers, the magazines dictate how you run your business. You have invested too much to just throw it all to the dogs. Put yourself out there. Make yourself heard. Make yourself seen.

For instance, I know that there are other gifting companies out there. It just goes to prove that there is a market for what I am doing. I am ok with the competition. It just makes life more interesting. It allows me to reinvent myself all the time. Bring in new things, test things out, get rid of things that don’t work for the companies I represent. I never was one for long term contracts because I don’t like to tie people in Baby Swags unless they want to be here. I have built my business just as you all have. I have spent countless hours up at night researching, making contacts, taking pictures of product, writing press releases, reaching out to companies for support, strumming up media, and I won’t stop. I am up at 7am, running around with three kids all day and night, then when they are all in bed, I work until 3am. I don’t do this a few nights, I do this EVERY night. I am constantly reaching out to people whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, ning networks, email networks, my network, I reach out and make myself available to my clients, my contacts, my friends. With everything I do, I put at least 200% into it. I have built my business by providing the best customer service and have developed a great following. I have become well known in the entrepreneurial community and I am extremely proud of all my accomplishments and for the fact that I have been able to do my job and have received many positive results. I don’t like failing and I certainly do not like giving up on my dreams. Like the Trump man says, quitting makes you a loser and I am not a loser, nor are you.

So you see, I have the same exact work ethics as you do. I work hard, I put my best foot forward and I keep on movin towards my goals. I am not giving up, not now, not ever and nor should you. Do not let this economic situation make you a victim. Stand tall, stand strong and you will see, when this becomes a distant memory, YOU will still be standing!


Well, I hope you have found this to be inspiring and I hope that you are all up to date with what is going on with Baby Swags. It is an exciting time, please take advantage of any opportunities you can. I promise to do my best at getting you the recognition you truly deserve. Your hard work and dedication will certainly not go unnoticed!

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Have a great, fun-filled weekend! Email me if you need me!


Phyllis Pometta
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Weekly Opportunity Round Up #1

I am going to start posting weekly opportunity round ups. This is what we are working on and if you would like to participate or gather more information, please feel free to email us or join our ning network at Baby Swags Ning Network. (It’s free to join)

Please email me and let me know if you would like to take part in any of these so I can properly keep an accurate head count.

1. Toddler Gifting – March 30
2. Gifting Green – April 3
3. Teen Gifting – April 7 (deadline may change)
4. Suri Cruise – 3rd b-day – April 13
5. Mothers Day – (forgot to write it down but it is around mid-April)
6. Rockin Lollipop Lounge – Baby & Tween Celebration LA expo – ACT Today! celebrity charity auction
7. Mayor of San Francisco & morning show reporter

If anyone is interested in meeting me while in LA, please let me know your booth number and I will stop by and say hi! My daughter and myself will be making the rounds as she is the first Tween Reporter for the event! We get to interview exhibitors, celebrities, and more…it’s an exciting time for us! I hope we can make you all a part of it in some way!

Those needing tickets to the event, please let me know, I have a lot to share!


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Phyllis Pometta
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Marcia Cross’s daughter Savannah wears Tutulegz

As a part of our 2008 Holiday Gift Bags, Baby Swags sent out gift bags to various celebrity families, Marcia Cross being one of them. To date, we have received emailed thank you’s from Ed Sanders and Tony Hawk and today we spotted a photo of Marcia Cross while out with her daughter, Savannah. In the image, Savannah is wearing the Crazy for Cupcake tee that was given to her by Tutulegz.


photo: CBB

Tutulegz Tee

Tutulegz Tee

Phyllis Signature

Tony Hawk & Ed Sanders send their thanks!

Baby Swags 2nd Annual holiday gift bag was received by twenty celebrity parents, a couple being Tony Hawk and Ed Sanders. Baby Swags and our clients have received special emails of thanks for the products they received. The photo below contains the products that have been received (though they may vary from celebrity to celebrity). For more detailed information on those products, please visit our website at

Holiday 2008 Basket Photo

Here are the emails that were received:

We received a gift bag from Babyswags and we wanted to thank you for all of the darling gifts for Kady. The tutu, the Kadence onesie, the clips and belt and the hairclips are all perfectly suited for our funny lil gal!

Tony just brought the bag home- so we haven’t had a chance to take photos for you, yet, but here is a shot from New Years Eve.

Best of luck to all of you and, again, thank you for your generosity.

The Hawks-
Tony, Lhotse, and Kadence Clover a.k.a. Kady
Riley Spencer and Keegan too- they love to make fun of their girlie sister!

Kady on New Years Eve 2008-2009

And then there is our email from Ed Sander’s wife, Gioia:

Hi Phyllis!
We received the package and we wanted to say wow the stuff you sent is great! Everything is wonderful. If I can find a day when the girls are all dressed up in their new clothes, I will send you a photo. Also, the books you sent Max are great. They really touch on everything. They are nice books to take in the car or out to dinner.
Thank you again, I’ll be in touch soon.

If we get more notes of thanks or images, we will post them!
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Giveaway – As Seen in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine!

Our client, LibraKnits was spotted on the pages of the December issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine (pg 118 *wink) and it is our pleasure to offer one of their beautifully hand knit baby hats for this giveaway. We are giving away the “Devon” Re sa Cap and it retails for $42.50 on sale now for $38.50. They have been gifted to celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Jack Black, Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Matthew McConaughey, Natalie Morales and Gwen Stefani. Their Re sa Caps are made from luxurious hand-dyed yarn as all of their wonderful baby gifts. The sumptuous 70% angora and 30% lambswool blend feels soft and comfy on your baby’s skin. These keepsake hats are also knitted in the round to ensure that there are no irritating seams. LibraKnits is no offering Holiday caps which make perfect little keepsakes for this holiday season!

LibraKnits Devon Re sa Cap

You have to three ways to win. Here is how:

1. Enter to win by leaving us a comment! WOW, that is it, easy as pie! Of course, don’t forget to make sure you provide us with an email address to contact you should you win this prize!

2. Gain an extra entry by posting this info on Twitter using your Twitter account! If you don’t have one, it is free and to set one up all you have to do is go to, then follow me at This is what you will want to copy/paste into your character box:
RT: @Babyswags is giving away LibraKnits Re sa Cap as seen in Pregnancy & Newborn mag-go to to enter!
After you have posted the tweet, come back and leave your twitter name & status link!

3. Email us with your contact information at giveaways at babyswags dot com

This giveaway ends Friday, December 19th.

Baby Swags in the News!

Yes, it went live! The moment you have all been waiting for! You can see me and finally put a face to the Baby Swags name! We were featured along with two Arizona based companies on KTVK3 Arizona, Friday night!

You can see us by following this LINK (Be sure to search for Baby Swags on this page under the video player)

A special thanks to Suzanne Bissett, Colleen Connon and Lori Tremeroli! I had a great time in Arizona and can’t wait to do it again, and again!

Vote for Baby Swags!

Don’t forget to vote for us!  You can do so by clicking this link and casting your vote!  It is quick and painless, I promise! Baby Swags needs your vote!  More exposure for us, can be more exposure for you! 🙂 😉

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