Baby Swags Holiday Gift Bags strike again!

Spotted in the hair of new big sister, Violet Affleck you will see a cute bow clip belonging to Creative Clips by Colleen! Some of Colleens clips were sent in our 2008 Holiday gift bags and I guess little Violet loves them as much as we do! She had even graced the blog of Perez Hilton! Baby Swags and our clients are quickly becoming “Must Haves” without a doubt! To see more of Colleens clips, go to, they make great gifts for girls of all ages!


Thank You & a big Congratulations to Jennifer, Ben, Violet and Seraphina!

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Tony Hawk & Ed Sanders send their thanks!

Baby Swags 2nd Annual holiday gift bag was received by twenty celebrity parents, a couple being Tony Hawk and Ed Sanders. Baby Swags and our clients have received special emails of thanks for the products they received. The photo below contains the products that have been received (though they may vary from celebrity to celebrity). For more detailed information on those products, please visit our website at

Holiday 2008 Basket Photo

Here are the emails that were received:

We received a gift bag from Babyswags and we wanted to thank you for all of the darling gifts for Kady. The tutu, the Kadence onesie, the clips and belt and the hairclips are all perfectly suited for our funny lil gal!

Tony just brought the bag home- so we haven’t had a chance to take photos for you, yet, but here is a shot from New Years Eve.

Best of luck to all of you and, again, thank you for your generosity.

The Hawks-
Tony, Lhotse, and Kadence Clover a.k.a. Kady
Riley Spencer and Keegan too- they love to make fun of their girlie sister!

Kady on New Years Eve 2008-2009

And then there is our email from Ed Sander’s wife, Gioia:

Hi Phyllis!
We received the package and we wanted to say wow the stuff you sent is great! Everything is wonderful. If I can find a day when the girls are all dressed up in their new clothes, I will send you a photo. Also, the books you sent Max are great. They really touch on everything. They are nice books to take in the car or out to dinner.
Thank you again, I’ll be in touch soon.

If we get more notes of thanks or images, we will post them!
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Holiday Gifts Baby Swags Style

Baby Swags sent off it’s 2008 holiday gift bags that were a part of the companies 2nd annual holiday gifting event. We sent off 20 bags to a variety of celebrity families this year. The bags were filled with really cool mompreneur products and I am so happy to share them with you.


Baby Swags Helps Santa With it’s Second Annual Holiday Celebrity Gifting Event.

Select Celebrity families receive an exclusive Holiday Gift Bag for the 2008 Holiday Season.

Plainfield, IL December 31, 2008 –Plainfield, Illinois based entertainment marketing company and their entrepreneurial women clients have presented twenty celebrity families with the companies second annual holiday gift bags that are stocked full of mompreneur goodies.

“The products included in this years holiday gift bags are so fun and trendy which makes me wish I was a child all over again”, Says Pometta. “As an Entrepreneurial woman myself, I understand the amount of time, energy and passion that has been put into each product.” Pometta continues to add, “These products are some of the newest, hottest, entrepreneurial products out there and it gives me great joy have them included, and more importantly, for them to be a part of our Baby Swags family.”

The celebrity families can keep their gifts, give them away or send them back. In the event that they are sent back, Baby Swags will auction off their gift bags and submit all proceeds to the charity of their choice. Products for this one-of-a-kind, 2008 “exclusive” Baby Swags Holiday Gift Bag include:

* Gigi Belts – – Designer belts for babies and toddlers. Easy to take on and off so that you can still do a diaper change in a snap.

* Creative Clips by Colleen – – Designer clips as seen on Honor Marie (Jessica Alba’s baby girl) and Denise Richardson’s girls, clips are made for all ages and stages!

* BabyKakesInk – – Chic Designs for the Sassy Kinds. Provided celebrities each with a personalized bling onesies, embroidered tee-shirts and/or onesies.

* Tutu Legz – – A fabulous, one piece, unique, not so puffy, comfy tutu with legz topped off with girly designs to add some fun! Provided each celebrity with their own TutuLegz and matching TutuLegz Tee.

* Cedar Valley Publishing – – These award winning books are taking the nation by storm inside schools and homes across the nation. Each celebrity family received their own set of Let’s Get Ready books.

* Bling Around the Rosie – – There’s no such thing as too much bling! Each celebrity family received their own hand placed Swarovski Crytal dresses, tees for the girls and headbands for the moms. All crystals are placed to stay put whether worn to the park, the gym or on a night out on the town.

* Hair Intuitions – – Uniquely designed Do It Yourself Hair 101 DVD. Each celebrity mom received their own copy. This DVD is an easy to follow step by step instructional tool that will give each woman salon style at home. The DVD also offers detailed information on hair tools, styling aids, product application and much more.

In addition to the above products, some celebrities also received gifts from:

* My Good Greetings – – $200.00 gift certificate for birth announcements/cards. All customizable cards, envelopes and address labels are printed on 100% recycled, FSC certified papers.

* My Plate-Mate – – Offering celebrity toddlers a unique self-feeding product to be used as a learning tool that assists in promoting independence and self confidence for all users no matter what their age is or limitation.

About Baby Swags:
All of the products supplied have been created by entrepreneurial women. Baby Swags fully supports the work-at-home entrepreneurial women and the products and services to which they provide to and for the everyday mom. It takes a strong woman to build up their business while maintaining their role as mom, wife, and friend. It is for these strong women that many of our products exist today. Being able to assist their clients in promoting products by providing them affordable choices is one of the great services that Baby Swags can provide. Phyllis Pometta, Baby Swags founder and work-at-home mom is on the rise to finding the most unique, most wanted and sought after mom and baby products out there. Not only does quality play a factor in her search, but products also have to be affordable. It is a goal to be able to bring these products into the public eye. Keep your eyes open as new products surface every day.

Baby Swags provides celebrity new moms and their babies with products created by entrepreneurial women. They are quickly becoming the ‘must have’ baby gift basket to celebrity moms. Baby Swags is making their way around the world receiving website hits from Canada, China, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, France and Spain. If you would like more information regarding celebrity baby baskets, or other marketing services that are provided by Baby Swags, please feel free to contact Phyllis Pometta directly at 815-577-8459. You can find Baby Swags on the web at



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