Beach Baby, Levi McConaughey Turns One and is sent a Milestone Gift Basket

Baby Swags helps to celebrate Matthew McConaughey’s son First Birthday by providing him with mom-made gifts.

Levi McConaughey Basket Photo

Plainfield, Il – July 16, 2009 – Baby Swags is proud to have added Matthew McConaughey to their celebrity roster after the birth of son, Levi. Now, Levi is turning one and Matthew is becoming a second time daddy! Baby Swags worked with a group of entrepreneurial moms and sent Levi some special gifts to help celebrate his one year milestone. Matthew McConaughey is known for playing the leading man in several hit romantic comedies, including The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Failure to Launch. Matthew is also known for J.K. Livin which stands for “Just Keep Livin”, a phrase often used by the actor as well as is a non-profit organization that he started to help boys and girls transform into adults with programs set up to help with important life changing decision making.

Baby Swags was started in 2006 as a way to help promote work at home moms and the products they create. Since then, Baby Swags has grown leaps and bounds from hosting gift suites, providing silent auction gift baskets to charities, talk show audience member giftings, local media coverage for their clients, national print exposure with celebrities using/wearing client products and more with a primary specialty of celebrity gifting. Baby Swags primarily provides exposure to new and small businesses who have limited marketing and advertising budgets. All products included are made out of love and passion, of course while maintaining the utmost quality.

The following companies provided gifts to the one year old:

* Puddlefoot – – 100% organic cotton t-shirt with eco-friendly inks and dyes. Soft and stretchy with a wonderful vintage feel. Made in the USA, mother owned and operated.

* Chickadee Prints- – Cool beach themed, personalized “Levi” thank you cards printed on recycled paper.

* Just-Be – – Just Be a Blessing onesie.

* Neat Solutions – Products for moms on the go! Multi-Use Pads, Disposable Bibs and Floor Mats make great gifts to make clean up easier for parents.

“It was a true honor to work with my clients to provide this one of a kind gift basket created just for Matthew McConaughey and his toddler, Levi.” Stated Phyllis Pometta, owner of Baby Swags. “We all absolutely adore Matthew and enjoy his work!” Pometta adds, “On behalf of Baby Swags and my clients, we wish him nothing but continued happiness and success in the years to come and more importantly, wish Levi a very happy first birthday filled with fun and lots of love.”

Baby Swags prides itself on providing excellent services to help gain recognition to fellow work at home moms and their products by providing celebrities with VIP gift bags, assisting in selecting products for celebrity event gift bags and more. If you are a work at home mom and would like to see your products in an upcoming celebrity baby basket or if you have a teen related product and would like to get it in the hands of celebrity teens at the Teen Choice Awards, please contact Phyllis at for more details.

For information or to request an interview with Phyllis Pometta, please call, 815-342-6739 or email info at babyswags dot com.


YAY! My Boyfriend said thank you!

Ok, so a girl can dream, can’t she? I actually have two boyfriends, Matthew and Leo, but really Steve isn’t the jealous type, so all is well for him. LMAO!!! Ok, so anyway, back to my exciting news!!! Yes, my boyfriend, Matthew McConaughey sent a thank you note to my client, Little Fit, for the great infant/toddler hats they provided in our gift basket to him! YAY!!! I was so excited for them, when I hung up with Julie, I started to get a bit teary eyed with happiness. There is nothing, and I honestly, truly, mean this when I say it, there is nothing more exciting than to have happiness in your heart for another person. I have said it before and I will say it again, I get so emotionally invested in these companies and products that when something like this happens, I cannot control my happiness and I feel as if I have to shout it to the world, I helped someone and it feels GREAT!!!

You guys come up with the products and I am lucky enough to have a hand in your marketing efforts. Without you all, there would not be a Baby Swags, so keep up with your fantastic creations, follow your dreams and thank you for allowing myself and Baby Swags be a part of your success!

Here are the amazing products, once again, that were sent to my sweetheart, Matthew McConaughey!

Matthew and Levi get gifted by Baby Swags

Matthew and Levi get gifted by Baby Swags