Sister-“Mompreneurs” announce national contest



CHARLESTON, S.C., JULY 27, 2009– Small business owners and sisters Rhett & Neyle Templeton recently learned how childish corporate life can be when giant Playtex Corporation ordered them to drop the “Binky” from their signature product, the Heirloom Binky Bracelet.

“Binky” seemed to be a cute, generic word helping describe the sterling silver pacifier holder (which converts to a keepsake bracelet for posterity) that the sisters created for their co-owned business, Templeton’s – Timeless Infant Silver. Both stay-at-home moms, Rhett & Neyle epitomize the success of the “Mompreneur” movement, having received national publicity for their products on “The Drs” TV show, as well as promotion in “swag bags” for Hollywood babies.

All was peaceful until Playtex confronted Templeton’s last week with a “cease and desist” order to drop “Binky” from their name. It turns out “Binky” is trademarked as Playtex’s pacifier brand.

With only five business days to follow through, the Templetons turned a jarring setback into opportunity, and not just for themselves, announcing a contest to rename their product.

“The contest will be announced on August 7th on the Charleston morning show Lowcountry Live with Ryan Nelson,” co-owner Rhett Templeton said.

There will be one Grand Prize Winner, who will receive a large basket stuffed with “Infant to Mommy” Products from clients of the PR and Marketing Company Baby Swags, which places “mompreneur” creations in swag bags for celebrities.

Baby Swags owner Phyllis Pometta stepped in immediately to help when she learned of the sisters’ business crisis, Templeton noted. “From the U.S. to Canada as well as Australia, the generosity of our peers and their willingness to help another small business in need has been overwhelming.”

Contest rules can be found on the Templeton’s website, The Grand Prize Basket products can be viewed both there and on Baby Swags’ website, The contest is open to all.


Please Contact:
Rhett Templeton, Templeton’s
843.795.PACI (7224)

Phyllis Pometta, Baby Swags


Templeton’s is Forced to Re-name Their Heirloom Binky Bracelet


Templeton’s is Forced to Re-name Their Heirloom Binky Bracelet

Templeton’s – “Timeless Infant Silver” desperately needs your help. We are reaching out to each of you in hopes of helping us re-name our product, and hopefully generate some business for you as well. We have been forced by Playtex to “cease and desist” using the word “binky” in our product name. A trademark application was filed for our Heirloom Binky Bracelet. However, Playtex has already registered the name “binky” for their pacifier. Originally, we were given only 5 business days to change our name. This can get very costly for such a small business like ours that is run solely by my sister and me.

We are reaching out to each of you in hopes that we can help each other. We are going to host a contest to re-name our product. We love our name and are finding it very difficult to quickly create another name. So, we thought that we would ask our peers for help.

There are several ways that your participation can directly affect your sales and increase buzz about your company through your generosity. I will post each of your contact information on our website, blog, Facebook (2 personal pages and 1 fan page), Twitter, and other network marketing sites in regards to this contest. I will send out a mass emailer to our entire contact list mentioning all of your information along with press releases to my media list.’s baby guide writer, Stacie McClintock, will blog about the contest on her site. Each of my retailers will be sent a list of the products and contact info for each participant. I already have a TV interview set-up with our local morning show here in Charleston, SC. I will mention that there is a great gift basket filled with innovative and stylish products made by Mompreneurs who all came together to help out another Mompreneur in need. I would like to have all of the products in time to be shown on the TV show. Right now the date is scheduled for Friday, July 24th. I’m working on pushing this back in order for your products to reach me in time. This is a Live show. I will also send each of you a copy of the video link from the show to put on your press page. You will also receive a press release for you to use with your own promotion. I am also hoping to get an interview with our local section in our news paper that features women focused businesses.

How your company can help us is by providing us with one of your products to be donated into our Grand Prize Basket. Obviously, the more the participants the more press we should receive. This could turn into a huge marketing plan for all of us, if we all come together and pool our resources. If you are interested in participating in this, please contact Rhett Templeton immediately. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you.
Contact: Rhett Templeton
Rhett at TempletonSilver dot com
843.795.PACI (7224)

Supporting Small Businesses – CPSIA law issues

You may have been reading about this here and there across the web, or maybe this is the first you are hearing of it, either way it is time for you, yes YOU to take some action. I have pulled some very important information from various sources on the web in order to help you understand how this new law will impact every area of business. Perhaps due to the holiday this is all being masked but at some point people will no longer hide from it, they will be forced to deal with the situation head on. All the hype is in regards to H.R. 4040, the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) that has been signed into law August 14, 2008, and will become effective February 10, 2009 and is now being referred to as National Bankruptcy Day.

Many, I mean, many companies have been blogging about this (do your own google search for CPSIA and you can see exactly what I mean) and what it will take to keep them in business and the results are scary and in most cases will put them all out of business. I am not just talking about people who create products to sell at craft shows and community fairs, I am also speaking of small home based businesses, independent designers, mompreneurs, the “Little People” in the biz and not just toy makers, this applies to any company that will produce a product targeting children twelve and under, clothing, shoes, accessories, bibs, and so on. But if you think it stops there, think of the trickle down effect. You have the retailers that are trying to sell these products. They will have no inventory because there will be no products being made by small businesses. Your product choices will be extremely limited to those companies with big time bank accounts. Then think about this, you can’t just go to your local craft fair, pick up a ‘new’ handmade toy and drop it in the Toys for Tots charity box because of this law. It will effect businesses big and small, product based to service based, it effects us a whole. Yes, this even will effect Baby Swags and the products that will be included into these fantastic Celebrity Gift Bags. Celebrities…we need your help too here!

Baby Swags prides itself on finding unique mom-made, mom-inspired, mompreneurial type products or otherwise known as WAHM products. These companies range from Etsy stores to their own shops, either way, they are all made up of one common thread, being a mom. Moms have discovered that they don’t have to quit working to stay at home, instead they have come up with products that they can create/make from the comforts of their home while still attending to their children’s needs through out the day. Many of these women do not have big time budgets there for how can they be expected to pay for the extensive testing that will be require by the new law? I have compiled a list of some of my clients reactions as well as great blog content provided from other concerned small business owners.

Happy Panda Baby Blog
Boutique Cafe
AAFA – American Apparel and Footwear Association
National Bankruptcy Day
Organic Baby Farm
WAHM Solutions
Challenge & Fun
YouTube Video – Mr. Sun

Just because you are not a small business owner, you can still take part in voicing your opinion and we encourage you to do so and I have made it easy for you by providing you with various ways on how you can get your voices heard.
Boutique Cafe has a whole list of ways you can help the small businesses that mean so much to you. A portion of this was taken directly from their website:

What can you do?
Email or call the CPSIA – the office of the CPSC ombudsman 888-531-9070.
Comments on Component Parts Testing accepted through January 30, 2009.

Email or snail mail your representatives.

Call your representatives. For their contact information just enter your zip code.

Make your voice heard by voting on this issue. The top 3 in each category will be presented to President-elect Obama.

Sign the petition.

Join Ning’s CPSIA-Central

The press is just getting word of this and have also been responding, though not as much as we’d all hope.
LA Times article
Kids Today

See what people are really saying and feeling:
ETSY Forum

The point to all of this is to just get your voices heard. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Baby Swags is also working on something called Project Believe. If you would like to take part in our ‘mompreneur’, small business awareness venture, please see our blog post explaining what is needed from you. Baby Swags Blog post about Project Believe

Yes it is a lot to take in, but a lot of families, a lot of livelihoods are being put in jeopardy as a result of this law. Please help out where you can. Wouldn’t you rather celebrate a day like Valentines Day than take part in watching millions of companies collapse on National Bankruptcy day?

Are you a mompreneur?

Baby Swags is working on a very special “mompreneur” project and needs your help. If you are a mompreneur and would like to be a part of this special project set to launch in 2009 then we need to hear from you! I am looking at this time for mompreneurs who have pictures of themselves in action with or with out their family helping. Are you sewing an item with little Jimmy covered in thread, or do you paint canvas’s and little Sarah looks like she was the canvas? Or how about this one, your husband took a very flattering picture of you working late night with your hair all mangled and looking like you could have used another pot of coffee? If you have any of these types of pictures, please forward them to me.

When sending in your picture, please do not edit them. Leave them as is and if you have them in a hi-resolution format, that is even better. Also, when sending them in, this means you are allowing Baby Swags to use them as we see fit, such as for promotional purposes or advertising, or simply because we think they are cute photos and we want to share them with the world. We have set up a special email account for any and all questions and photos to be directed to. When sending in your pictures, please tell us the following:

Your full name (though it will not be shared, it’s just for our own reference)
The city/state in which you live
The name and URL of your business
How long you have been in business
What you make & or create
If there are little helpers in the photo, their first name and age
Would you like to be added to our newsletter group? Yes or No?

This is sort of a top secret project, but I can tell you it is going by the name of “Baby Swags – Project Believe”.

Please direct any and all questions and photos to me at

Thanks for your assistance! Once I have more information to share, I will send out a newsletter email to all those giving me permission to get them added!

Interview with Happy Panda

I had the pleasure of interviewing Pamela with Happy Panda. I’ve worked with Pamela for a while now and I am so thrilled that after all this time I was finally able to talk to her on the phone! A majority of my work is done online or via email that it is always so wonderful to actually get to talk to someone who isn’t 4. Thanks a bunch for everything Pamela! For those that want to see what Happy Panda is all about, here is my little model when I first started working with her company. Gianna was so excited about that panda shirt, she wore it for about a month straight. She still has the little hat too that I catch her wearing from time to time, lol.


To here Pamela and I chat, visit VodPod

Celebrity Holiday Gifting – Get Your Product to Celebs this Holiday Season!

It is that time of the year, the holiday gift giving season. This will be our second year gifting celebrity families. Let us create the buzz for your biz with our second annual holiday celebrity gifting. Last year we were lucky to hear from Kevin James, Jeff Gordon, Courteney Cox-Arquette & Coco, Trista Sutter and more. This year we will be auctioning off one gift bag and all proceeds will be going to Toys For Tots.

The list of this years celebrities are as follows:

Britney Spears – Sean Preston & Jayden James
Michelle Williams – Matilda Rose
Mark Whalberg – Ella Rae, Michael and Brendan Joseph
Ed Sanders – Scarlette, Azure, and Lucia
Larry Birkhead – Danilynn
Joey McIntyre – Griffin Thomas
Tony Hawk – Kadence Clover (girl)
Marcia Cross – Savannah & Eden
Tiger Woods – Sam (also expecting 2nd child)
Isla Fisher – Olive
Toby McGuire – Ruby Sweetheart
Sheryl Crow – Wyatt
Debra Messing – Roman Walker
Jennifer Garner – Violet (also expecting 2nd child)
Halle Berry – Nahla
Minnie Driver – Henry Story
Melissa Joan Hart – Mason Walker & Braydon(Brady)
Alison Sweeney – Currently expecting girl in January & son Benjamin Edward is 3.5
Nicole Richie – Harlow
Jessica Alba – Honor

We will need a total of 30 gifts. 20 for our celebrity families and 10 extra for our giveaway, charity and press submissions. Please note that you must participate in all baskets. If you only create girl products and the family consists of boys, you can opt to send in a gift certificate in lieu of an actual gift. This way the family can use it to purchase other gifts if need be for family or friends. Same for boy products, if that is what you sell, and the family is all girls, feel free to send in a gift certificate as well. Gift certificates must be enough to cover the cost of one gift. You are free to send in gifts for the entire family, just the children or one child, but one product per company must go to the selected celebrity. Please be sure to label products properly so when the bags are put together there are no errors as to whom they belong to.

We are accepting a number of products. Just because you are a ‘mompreneur’ does not mean that your products are not celebrity worthy. Do not sell yourself short! In fact, most like the uniqueness and the fact that no everyone will have what they have. Let Baby Swags help get your name out there! We can do it-together!

As a bonus: If you sign up and participate in this gifting, you will receive placement on our 2008 Holiday Buyers Guide that appears on as well as an advertorial spot on the blog at no additional cost.

Deadlines & Terms: Quite frankly, the sooner you submit your agreement with payment, I can add your company information. Obviously adding your information sooner will inform readers prior to the holiday rush. I will need a web ready product image, cost of product, URL and 125×125 button.

All payments must be paid by check or paypal with signed contract prior to product due date in order to take advantage of the Bonus provided.

As always, you will receive a press release announcing your participation and what your company has supplied as well as our holiday gift bag photo.

For inclusion cost and if you have any comments and questions, please email Phyllis at Feel free to refer a friend and receive a special discount in an upcoming gifting.