Baby Swags Reveals Four New Mom and Baby Products at the Baby & Tween Celebration LA

Baby Swags Reveals Four New Mom and Baby Products at the Baby & Tween Celebration LA

Baby Swags is making its appearance at the Baby & Tween Celebration LA boutique style expo, April 25 & 26th, 2009. Baby & Tween Celebration LA is the go to place for new and expecting moms and tweens who want fun, trendy, and upscale products for spring.

Baby Swags is a marketing firm that specializes in promoting pregnancy and juvenile related products to celebrity moms and dads. They have gifted over 400 celebrities and are developing the reputation for finding unique baby products that are becoming must have’s for every parent. Celebrities who have been gifted in the past include, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Marcia Cross, Jennie Garth, Kevin James, Jeff Gordon, Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling and more. Please note that none of the celebrities gifted endorse any products by Baby Swags clients unless it is specifically stated. Some of the products you can expect to find in booth #228 and 230 are:

Expecting Fitness™, which is your information source on pre & postnatal fitness and nutrition. They aim to keep you up to date on the latest and most newborn research and information on maternal fitness. Birgitta Lauren is a certified expert in pre and postnatal fitness and nutritional services. She is the author of Expecting Fitness. And among her many clients is Jane Seymour for whom Birgitta designed a fitness program while Jane was expecting her twins. She has worked with many celebrity moms and specializes in “High Risk” pregnancies. Birgitta has been featured on CBS News, Entertainment Tonight, ABC News and in radio interviews, and magazine articles in “Fit Pregnancy”, “Baby Talk”, US and People Magazine, as a pre and postnatal exercise specialist to high profile as well as high risk expectant mothers.

The Baby Bloak™ was born out of necessity. It seems fitting then that if necessity is the mother of invention, a mom should invent the bloak. In the wee hours of a cold, November morning the Baby Bloak was born.

“My son hated big, stiff jackets. I hated carrying the infant seat everywhere we went just because it was too cold to put him a sling.” Adds Jennifer, owner of Baby Bloak, “We both hated trying to keep a blanket from falling off in the cold.”

It was learned that Jennifer’s state highway patrol recommended babies not wear big coats in their car seats. They also recommended against any car seat bundling system that fit around and under the car seat’s straps. So not only were the only options other than a traditional blanket uncomfortable and inconvenient, they weren’t safe and the Baby Bloak was created.

Stroller Suspenders is an innovative patent pending strap and clip that is designed to secure a baby blanket in a position to cover the stroller for warmth, shade or privacy. All moms and dads want to keep their baby nice and warm under a baby blanket when taking the baby out in their stroller, however without anything securing the blanket to the stroller, it often gets caught in the wheels or falls to the ground. Stroller Suspenders will protect both baby and their special blankets. The patent pending Stroller Suspenders strap and clip are made in the USA, will not cause damage baby’s blankets, clip on baby’s hands, and they fit with most strollers.

A mother of two who was always uncomfortable about trimming her baby’s nails created RoccOBaby’s Twinkle Toes and Nails. Unable to find the time to cut them while they were sleeping and fearful of cutting them too short because they would squirm and wiggle, she developed Twinkle Toes and Nails with a musical tune and flashing lights in order to distract and entertain her young ones. This reduced the fear and anxiety her young ones had experienced over having their nails trimmed. Now her children are excited about trimming their nails! As for baby, the music and colored lights flashing would just fascinate him.

Baby Swags will be giving away 2 baskets at the Baby & Tween Celebration expo on April 25, 2009 & April 26, 2009. Winners do not need to be present to win as all prizes will be shipped directly to the individual winners mailing address. Attendees will need to fill out a entry form and turn it for their chance to win. Gift baskets will include these four products in addition to other products gifted to some of your favorite celebrities.

If you are in the area and would like to stop by, we would all love to see you at booth #228 and #230 so we can share our business and products with you and your family. Tickets information is available at Los Angeles Convention Center, Hall K – 1201 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 741-1151 – and can be purchased at the Center Box Office. If you are a member of the media and would like your VIP tickets, please email or call 815-342-6739.


Illinois Based Celebrity Gifting Company, Baby Swags is Seeing Stars


Illinois Based Celebrity Gifting Company, Baby Swags is Seeing Stars

Baby Swags specializes in promoting mom-entrepreneur products and creates a marketing buzz around Hollywood

Plainfield, Il – November 19, 2008 – Baby Swags is a marketing and celebrity gifting firm that specializes in promoting maternity and juvenile related products created by mom-entrepreneurs, and helps them by spreading a buzz about them all around Hollywood. Once a celebrity has a baby, Baby Swags teams up with it’s clients and sends the new celebrity mom and baby a gift basket filled with upscale and trendy mom-entrepreneurial products.

“All of our clients are entrepreneurial women who have been inspired to create or invent maternity or juvenile related products.” States Phyllis Pometta, founder of Baby Swags. “We have had our clients products seen on Violet Affleck, Wyatt Crow, Liam McDermott, Honor Marie Warren, Denise Richards’s daughter Sam, and have received numerous thank you notes from other celebrity moms and dads in appreciation for what Baby Swags and our clients are trying to achieve.”

Baby Swags captured a star moment when Jessica Alba’s little girl Honor was spotted all over the pages of various national celebrity magazines and websites wearing hair clips designed by Creative Clips by Colleen, an Arizona based company. Colleen Connon, designer and owner of Creative Clips by Colleen was filled with pride and joy when she and her husband stumbled upon the photos after take part of a celebrity gift basket that was sent to Jessica Alba after the birth of her daughter. As if that was not enough excitement for Connon, another Hollywood child was spotted wearing one of the now famous clips just a few weeks later. That Hollywood child was Sam, daughter of Denise Richards.

“When I see that a celebrity baby or toddler is wearing a product that Baby Swags helped them receive, I can’t even explain the level of excitement I get for my client.” Pometta adds, “Their success is my success, and in turn, my success is theirs; we work together, like an entrepreneurial sisterhood.”

Baby Swags is the fastest leading, most talked about, celebrity gifting company aimed at helping work at home moms, aka, “Mom-entrepreneurs” achieve their dreams of becoming successful business women simply by believing in their products. Pometta has a true passion for inspiring her clients and places a lot of emphasis on providing them with the best form of customer service.

“What mom-entrepreneurs want is to show the world, their families, themselves, that what they have worked so hard for, can and will pay off.” States Pometta, “They want to share their joy, their passion, their products with consumers and it is my hope that consumers will help celebrate the “mom-entrepreneur” by supporting their products and their businesses.”

If you would like more information about this topic, or are a mom-entrepreneur looking for additional information on how to get your products to celebrities, or would like to schedule an interview with Phyllis Pometta, please visit or email Phyllis at Phyllis has appeared on KTVK 3 Arizona, has provided content for books and has been a part of numerous website and podcast interviews.