I receive the best emails!

As some of you know I send out newsletters weekly. In those newsletters I share a lot about myself, my family, my business, etc…and while I know there is line between business and friendship, yet that is the way that I opt to do my business; to show my clients that I am human. I have feelings, I have a family, I am also a business woman. Yes, you will hear kids talking to me in the background, or you may even hear Dora or Elmo, so if I hear that from your home office, I never think twice. It just comes with being a work at home mom, a mompreneur, or a business mom, what ever you prefer to call yourself, that is our life at the moment. I don’t wear suits and rarely do I wear heals. In fact, the last time I wore heals was our friends wedding over the weekend but I can’t tell you the time before that, and I have to say, my feet looked like I had elephant feet by the nights end. I am a mom, I am a wife, I am a friend, I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a neighbor, I am an entrepreneur with big dreams, I am me.

I recently sent out my newsletter to thank my clients for always being there for me, providing me with support when family friends pass away, injuries my children en dour, hardships we encounter, etc… I have always said, if it were not for my fantastic clients, I would not be where I am today. This is a small sampling of why I am so thankful to be doing what I love, working with people that are just as passionate as me and put a great deal of trust and faith in me each and every day. Mompreneurs are truly amazing! πŸ™‚ Many blessings to all of you this holiday season!

Jen-Punky Mae–

I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! Your newsletters are always great! I love that you add personal touches about your life, so we all get to know you better. You have started a great company, and so many of us thank you for you the opportunities you have given to us.

Angela – Belle Pearl–

I wanted to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. I was inspired by your email newsletter. I had to write- particularly when you talked about “The Secret”. I too am empowered by the “Secret” movie and also my faith in God. These- along with my 5 children and husband of 15+ years keeps me going through it all- good times and bad. You should be so proud of all that you have done. Your business has grown and so have you as an individual and a business women. I am proud to be affiliated with you and Baby Swags. Power to you! Power to the moms!….and to all women who put their heart and soul into making their dreams come true!! I wish you all that is great… that all your dreams come true.

Monica – Ritzy Bitzy–

Hi Phyllis,
Your message could not have come at a better time! You do such a great
job for all of us wahm’s because you know exactly what we are going
through. I can’t wait to be there with you every step of the way as both
our companies continue to grow and flourish. We truly do have a lot to be
thankful for. Have a wonderful holiday and thanks so much for the
inspirational email!!!
Take care and many blessings,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


I was interviewed by Gaebler.com a Resource for Entrepreneurs

Gaebler.com supplies entrepreneurs and small business owners with over 100,000 unique resources for starting a business to running it successfully. All original articles with new small business articles are posted daily. No wonder over 30,000 entrepreneurs visit their site every single day!

I was honored to have been a part of such an informative site dedicated to help small business owners, just as it is my mission to help work at home moms get the recognition they so deserve!

Here’s what I have contributed to Gaebler.
Gaebler.com features Baby Swags and Phyllis Pometta