Why Angelina and Brad are hiding the Twins


Nearly everywhere Angie and Brad have gone, their four oldest children — Maddox, Pax and the boys’ sisters, Zahara, 4, and Shiloh, 2 — have been seen with them. Noticeably absent, however, have been the couple’s two youngest kids, twins Vivienne and Knox, who’ll turn 1 on July 12. In fact, the twins have been spotted in public only once since January: when they were rushed through an airport near Tokyo while being closely guarded by their parents. Since then, they’ve remained in hiding — leading to speculation that something could be wrong.

Now Life & Style has learned that Brad and Angelina have been seriously concerned about the twins’ health. The babies are suffering from serious digestive problems, says an insider close to the family. “They’re both hypersensitive,” the insider tells Life & Style. “Knox has trouble holding down his food. He spits up nearly every meal.” Vivienne, meanwhile, has food and environmental allergies, explains the insider: “Right now, she’s on a lactose and gluten-free diet, and she’s still underweight.”

Angelina, 34, and Brad, 45, have been so worried, they’ve had the twins undergo genetic testing and have been adamant about keeping them behind closed doors. In truth, the real reason Brad and Angelina have been reluctant to take the twins out has to do with their own fears, says the insider. “Because of their delicate state, Knox and Vivienne need to be kept away from anything they could possibly be allergic to,” the insider explains. “That’s a lot easier to do when they’re home and in a controlled environment.”



Baby Swags Sends Birthday Gifts to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt for her Third Birthday.

Hollywood tot turns three and Baby Swags celebrates the occasion with hand crafted products.

Shiloah 3rd Birthday Basket Photo

Hollywood’s hottest couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are gearing up to face the toddler years as daughter, Shiloh turns three. Baby Swags and it’s clients wished the toddler a Happy Third Birthday by sending her a special Birthday Bash Basket to help celebrate the special occasion! Each of the products included in Shiloh’s gift basket were touched by the hands of a mom, or were inspired by a mom and with that, it makes these gifts extra special. To see a closer look at what was included for Shiloh’s third birthday gift basket, visit the Baby Swags website. Baby Swags was started in 2006 as a way to help promote work at home moms and the products they create. Since then, Baby Swags has grown leaps and bounds from hosting a gift suite, providing silent auction gift baskets to charities, local media coverage for their clients, national print exposure with celebrities using/wearing client products and more with a primary specialty of celebrity gifting. Baby Swags primarily provides exposure to new and small businesses who have limited marketing and advertising budgets. All products included are made out of love and passion, of course while maintaining the utmost quality.

The following companies provided gifts to Shiloh:
* Overall Being – http://www.overallbeing.com.au – A luxurious black swirl and zebra print minky blanket made by Overall Being which is run and owned by a mother of 4 boys who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

* Princess Lulu Couture – http://www.princesslulucouture.com – Stylish bling Converse sneakers adorned with Swarovski Crystals, and a personalized, 4×6 framed all blinged out! Shiloh will be rockin in her cool custom Converse by Princess Lulu Couture!

* Fantasia Kids Party Rentals – http://www.fantasiakids.ca – Personalized and sculptured name center piece that is decorated by hand that can be used as a table decoration or cake topper and used to help celebrate Shiloh’s birthday.

* The Global Fund for Children – http://www.globalfundforchildren.org – Bundle of three baby board books depicting multicultural babies and children. These board books are developed by The Global Fund for Children to showcase the similarities shared by children around the globe. Each book shows children in a positive light, maintaining their dignity and focusing on the universal joys of childhood.

* BendiWorld – http://www.kristinmcgee.com – BendiWorld provides a girls yoga DVD which is a great way to introduce exercise to children!

* Potty Pony Pals – http://www.pottyponypals.com – Potty training system that consists of Organic Cotton underpants with a DVD. Printed graphics on the inside deter wetting.

Baby Swags prides itself on providing excellent services to help gain recognition to fellow work at home moms and their products by providing celebrities with VIP gift bags, assisting in selecting products for celebrity event gift bags and more. If you are a work at home mom and would like to see your products in an upcoming basket, please contact Phyllis at http://www.babyswags.com for more details.


Phyllis Pometta
Baby Swags

Brad & Jen’s Tearful Reunion?


As Brad Pitt copes with tension at home, he has been getting support from an unlikely ally — his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Friends say that in recent weeks, Brad and Jen, 40, have been talking frequently on the phone and texting each other, their conversations becoming longer and more personal as he confides in her about his current situation. In fact, In Touch can exclusively reveal that on April 23, after Brad visited Angelina, 33, on the NYC set of Salt, he drove across town to where Jen’s film The Baster was in production — and the pair quietly met face-to-face. “He pulled up in his black SUV,” reveals a mutual friend of the former couple, although Jen’s rep denies the story. “He arrived on the opposite end of the set from where Jen’s trailer was, and Jen snuck into his car. They drove around New York City together, talking,” according to a friend of the former couple. “Brad confessed his feelings to Jen,” the friend says. “He told her that he is trying to make his relationship with Angelina work, but it is failing.” After about an hour, Brad dropped Jen off at The Greenwich Hotel and drove away. The meeting had been something they’d been organizing for weeks. “They had to plan it meticulously so no one would find out,” the friend says. After so much time has gone by, Brad and Jen seem to have grown to value their friendship more. And he’s proving it by wearing a necklace she gave him for his 45th birthday on December 18. “It’s an antique pendant,” a confidante shares, adding that she left it for him at the offices of his production company, Plan B. “She found it, and knew Brad would love it.”

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