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    • LAST BLOG POST HERE! October 16, 2009
      We have moved our blog! We will no longer be updating our blog here. To stay in touch with us, please join us at THE NEW BLOG site. We have re-launched our online magazine! 😀 Many cool things to come! Advertisements
    • Getting Your Products to Celebrities October 10, 2009
      People often wonder why companies send celebrities products when they clearly make enough money to purchase it themselves. When it comes to celebrities, one thing is for certain; they draw media attention. When companies send products to celebrities they aren’t thinking about how much the product costs and whether or not they can afford to […]
    • New Product Search Contest for a Spot in the 2009 Baby Swags Holiday VIP Celebrity Gifting October 9, 2009
      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Baby Swags Announces its Third Annual Holiday Celebrity Gifting Event with Product Search Select Celebrity families receive an exclusive Holiday Gift Bag for the 2009 Holiday Season that aims to bring awareness to many entrepreneurial products to be used by the entire family. PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 08, 2009 – Plainfield, […]
    • Chicago Celebrity, Jennifer Hudson Delivers Baby Boy; Chicago Gifting Company, Baby Swags Delivers Gifts October 7, 2009
      Academy Award Winner, Jennifer Hudson becomes a mom and receives gifts from fellow moms. Plainfield, Il – October 5, 2009 – New Celebrity mom, Jennifer Hudson welcomed a son into her family and Baby Swags clients share in her joy by sending a basket full of mom-made products for the newest addition. Jennifer Hudson has […]
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YAY! My Boyfriend said thank you!

Ok, so a girl can dream, can’t she? I actually have two boyfriends, Matthew and Leo, but really Steve isn’t the jealous type, so all is well for him. LMAO!!! Ok, so anyway, back to my exciting news!!! Yes, my boyfriend, Matthew McConaughey sent a thank you note to my client, Little Fit, for the great infant/toddler hats they provided in our gift basket to him! YAY!!! I was so excited for them, when I hung up with Julie, I started to get a bit teary eyed with happiness. There is nothing, and I honestly, truly, mean this when I say it, there is nothing more exciting than to have happiness in your heart for another person. I have said it before and I will say it again, I get so emotionally invested in these companies and products that when something like this happens, I cannot control my happiness and I feel as if I have to shout it to the world, I helped someone and it feels GREAT!!!

You guys come up with the products and I am lucky enough to have a hand in your marketing efforts. Without you all, there would not be a Baby Swags, so keep up with your fantastic creations, follow your dreams and thank you for allowing myself and Baby Swags be a part of your success!

Here are the amazing products, once again, that were sent to my sweetheart, Matthew McConaughey!

Matthew and Levi get gifted by Baby Swags

Matthew and Levi get gifted by Baby Swags


Baby Swags clients are exploding all over the place!

Baby Swags is HOT, on fire…HOT!!!  What an amazing week we have had for our clients!  First Obli Organics being spotted in Star Magazine with Sheryl Crow and Wyatt, then we had photos on the web of Jessica Alba and Honor wearing Creative Clips by Colleen, but that isn’t it.  The same image of Honor is in the September 29, 2008 issue of Star Magazine!  STAR MAGAZINE, WE LOVE YOU!!!!  Oh, and a photo of Jessica and Honor are in People magazine too wearing the clips!  But the good news doesn’t stop there!  Oh, no it doesn’t!  Late last night as I was on a hunt for celeb babies wearing our clients products, I spotted a photo on Oxygen of little Liam, Tori Spelling’s little boy wearing a Little Fit toddler hat that we sent after the birth of Stella.  Check it out dudes!  I am so excited, I am going bananas!  BUT, then during that same search I found more images of the burp cloth that BabykakesInk! sent when Tori had Liam.  Man alive.  Keep the images coming!

I would love to invite Star Magazine to be my guest of honor at the LA Baby Expo in April, 2009!  If your peeps are reading this blog post, feel free to give me a call for details!  We’d love to offer your readers a giveaway!!!  It would be a HUGE giveaway I’m sure!  You can pick it up at the show!!!  WOOOT!!!!

Liam wears Little Fit toddler hats!  Photo from Oxygen.com

Liam wears Little Fit toddler hats! Photo from Oxygen.com

(see the little green dotted burp cloth to the left of the baby?  That belongs to BabyKakesInk!)

babykakesink! green dotted burp cloth!

babykakesink! green dotted burp cloth!

BabyKakesInk! Green and brown Dotted Burp Cloth

BabyKakesInk! Green and brown Dotted Burp Cloth

All photos are shown on oxygen website for the Tori and Dean show.  Gosh we just all love Tori and Dean.  They are so dang cute and so in love…it kills me! 🙂

If you want to get your toddler a hat like little Liams, visit Little Fit. Burp Cloths can be found at BabyKakesInk!