Getting Your Products to Celebrities

People often wonder why companies send celebrities products when they clearly make enough money to purchase it themselves. When it comes to celebrities, one thing is for certain; they draw media attention. When companies send products to celebrities they aren’t thinking about how much the product costs and whether or not they can afford to by it, they are thinking about the results that the media attention will bring to their company when the celebrity is seen, either on video or in a photograph with or wearing their product.

With each celebrity gifting option, there are different types, styles and costs to be involved, along with different results you can expect. It is best to do your homework and be sure you are comfortable with the company you are working with, this type of marketing campaign, and results you can expect before you even put your foot in the door.

Swag Bags: Swag Bags can generally be the least costly way to send celebrities your product, ranging anywhere from $50 to $800 for each gift bag promotion. A swag bag will typically consist of merchandise that is distributed to celebrities, musicians, media, or other high profile members of society and corporate America. You may be familiar with the Swag Bags given to celebrities for the Oscars, The Emmys, ESPY awards and many other celebrity awards ceremonies. Swag bags can be sent to one celebrity or a group of celebrities for many different occasions, so it is best to know the theme and the quantity of products needed before you agree to any gift bag promotion.

Gift Suites or Lounges: Usually with this option, the cost to be involved is in the thousands and numbers of products requested are in the hundreds. However, gift suites give you direct access to the invited celebrities, agents, stylists and media. Most are set up like trade shows. You will receive your table and draping, chairs, and will be allowed to have two representatives at your booth. You design your gift suite spot as you would your trade show booth with attractive displays, catchy signage and a charming personality behind the table. Be prepared to take your own pictures so don’t forget your camera!

Results: Swag Bags and Gift Suites are to be used as a form of marketing and advertising. People should not go into participating in luxury lounges or donating products to gift bags and expect many immediate returns. You should consider it to be part of you’re advertising campaign. Just like any other form of advertising, it takes time, patience, quality products or services, persistence and determination to promote your business. Some times advertising campaigns are an over night success, others take more time; some unfortunately don’t work at all. You need to find what works best for you and your company. While not all celebrities respond to gifts received, others will provide you with a quote, thank you note, or other communication that provides you with another way to gain coverage and credibility for your product or service.

Copyright © Phyllis Pometta:
Phyllis Pometta is the founder and President of Baby Swags and Unforgettable PR. Baby Swags specializes in marketing and promoting juvenile related products to celebrity moms and their babies. Baby Swags parent company, Unforgettable PR offers gifting services for business carrying products for tween/teens and adults. Previous gifting events resulted in the gifted products being seen on A-List celebrity babies, features in national celebrity and business publications, and media interviews. There are many options to celebrity gifting and as a company that provides this service to its clients, we can see the value and credibility it places on our clients businesses and their products. For additional information visit or


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  1. Loved your article on Retail-Minded, it looks like you do a great job! 🙂

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